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On Fresh Starts: My New Year Skin Base Makeup

For some time now, I’ve been keeping to the barest, least amount of makeup I can possibly get away with. It’s a struggle, guys, to look presentable when you have a baby. I hate that I feel there’s more pressure to look nice now that I have a baby because now that I have a baby, there’s less time. Significantly less time.



When I need to look the least bit presentable, I turn to these two products—recently discovered and promptly adopted to my makeup “routine”:



Revlon Absolute Radiance CC Cream/Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator 

I got the shade Natural Beige (right, on the swatch below) for the CC cream and Peach Light Face Illuminator. (left, on the swatch below). Both match my warm medium skin perfectly, although I understand both products come in a range of colors so feel free to check those out. The swatch below shows the ratio/how much I use for my face; not so much really.



The Revlon Absolute Radiance CC Cream is a sheer base that gives the skin very little coverage. It is not for the faint-hearted or the skin-shy as it will let your skin show through. While it has an obvious medium beige pigment on the swatch, it spreads to an almost imperceptible layer on the skin, leaving some sort of glow—the texture is akin to a thin moisturiser. Actually, it is very much like a tinted moisturiser. I haven’t dabbled enough with CC creams to vouch for any color-correcting effects. Although if you’re quite okay with your skin, this will do the job of making it look not-so-bare.



The Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator is even thinner in consistency and for me, so lovely to work with. I’m not a fan of sticky highlighters that tug and cling to skin—I like them to be more like skin care and I would even apply it as a base before putting on my face makeup. This makes it appear more natural, as if you’re really glowing from within. The Peach hue enhances my cheek color, although I’m only wearing it on the tops of my cheekbones and temples in these photos.  The shimmer is so fine, you’ll only get a believable sheen with this on.



That’s that (and concealer!) for my face base, actually. I don’t have time for powder (and brushes/sponges). I use a cream cheek color and an eyeshadow stick so I can use my fingers to apply everything.



I like that with this combo, I can fake a glow for my dead-tired self. I’m all about keeping things fresh and breezy (application-wise) these days. I also like that, at the end of the day, there’s not much to remove. Of course there are times when I want to load the gunk on, as makeup is and always will be a form of therapy for me!

Have you guys tried these products? What’s your go-to face product?


PR Samples. Opinions are honest and my own.



9 thoughts on “On Fresh Starts: My New Year Skin Base Makeup

  1. look lovely as always! It’s great that you have good skin to begin with, I still need some sort of “foundation” to cover pores and even out skin tone. Now I’m back to using my Clinique DermaWhite which is so watery a foundation but still gives enough coverage. It has SPF 38, too! 🙂

    My Mom swears by Lancome Teint Miracle, I gifted her one years ago and it’s been a staple ever since. My mom has gorgeous caramel skin (so diff from mine!) and it gives her a really nice glow. Have you tried Pixi’s Flawless Beauty Primer? I bet it would look good on you 🙂

    • Heehee thanks Kira dear! YOU have GREAT skin, i don’t know what you’re talking about! I’ve always wanted to try Clinique bases, but since my skin is so thick (ehrm, not sensitive), I seem to just getaway with the cheap stuff! :p I have a bottle of the Lancome Teint, maybe i should use it again sometime..I’ve forgotten how it performs on me! (I love that your Mom still uses makeup, my mom’s too lazy na hehe)

      Is the Pixi primer the pink shimmery one?! I’ve always wanted to try that!! But I can’t seem to justify getting more stuff..(maybe when Glamourbox goes on sale! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that!)

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