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On Drugstore Shopping in Hong Kong: Watsons and Sasa

Hong Kong has got to be the most beauty-crazed city I’ve been to. It’s unbelievable how many drugstores and beauty stores they have in one area, heck, in ONE STREET! There’s Watsons, Mannings, Bonjour, Colourmix, and those are only for drugstores. They have stand alone stores for MAC, Shu Uemura, and I have seen Korean brands popping up as well, Etude House, Liole, Missha have set up shop in town now. Whew.

Anyway, to start off my drugstore story are these things from Watsons:


I finally got the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm in Honey after months of lemming for it (after seeing it at Wiji‘s)—I just cant take the high markup here in Manila so the discounted 68HKD (about Php350) is a clearly a go signal for me.

I also spotted Collection 2000’s stand there (and at Maple stores) which was really exciting although the cult concealer wasn’t available everywhere. I was still trying to save money for other items I plan on getting although it was too tempting to get all sorts of stuff from their rack. Instead, I got this Illuminating Touch concealer in the darkest shade available because I’m still a tad dark for my regular concealer. (Collection 2000 is due to open here this month, anyway!)

The reason why I dint go too crazy at Watsons is because I’m planning a trip to the Sasa outlet. To those of you who want to know, there’s one Sasa outlet store, Hong Kong side, in Shuen Wan, which is the end of the Island Line of the MTR. Since we were staying in Wan Chai, it was kinda easy to go, so the day before leaving, I took the trip.

This is Shuen Wan—you have to look up the exit that would get you out to Wing Lok street where the Sasa outlet is at.


It’s about a 5-minute walk to the store, you should be able to see the signage a few moments after getting out of the station.


Aaand, here’s the store. Er, that’s all of it. There’s a tiny second floor which is more like a storage, with some uninteresting stuff. So basically what you’re looking at is all there is.


There are some pretty good deals although I did not look at the body care items as much as I should (shampoo, conditioner, lotions, face creams, etc), I’m sure that’s where the best deals are at. Anyway, I was interested in makeup and there were a lot of drugstore brands on sale for half/more than half the original price. Most of them are Asian brands, and well, they did not excite me very much (eye shadows, BB/CC creams,blushers, etc.).


Anyway, from there I got two items, a small Dr. Jart Detox Healing Black Label BB Cream which I’ve been wanting to get my hands on (too bad it only came in a small size) which was about at 81% off (from 188 HKD to 36HKD, about Php195 ) and a CK single eyeshadow in Sandstone which I believe has long been phased out. I got it for 28 HKD (about Php150) from 135HKD. Good deals, yes?

So afterwards I went to a regular Sasa store and bought two K-Palette pencils for 55 HKD each, a Shiseido Lash curler (for 72HKD) and a L’Oreal Regenerist Eye Cream for 168 HKD. I was surprised by my restraint, actually. I feel like an old person, trying to save and all that, but I really don’t want to spend on half-assed items I’d end up chucking on my bin.

Do I recommend the Sasa outlet? Well, if it’s accessible to you (like a couple of same line-train stations away, then go. It is in a not very commercial area, there’s not much there (Wing Lok) but a a couple of Chinese drugstores, and a Maple store. Worth a short trip, you’ll be sure to get at least a nice BB cream, some eye shadows and a couple of Asian cosmetic curiosities. But if you have only a few days in HK, just go the regular stores. And oh, Sasa (and Bonjour) sell samples! I don’t know if that’s right or legal or whatever but they sell them for pretty cheap (Clarins, SK II, Lancôme, Nuxe, etc)—I thought you should know.


It was also too bad I wasn’t able to go to proper department stores to check up on the upscale stuff. H and I only had almost one full day to ourselves so I cant go off wandering on my own. So, what’s left of my money went to:


There you go, I hope I was helpful. If you have questions about which brands are selling where, how to get to any of these stores, or whatever else, let me know. I might be able to help! 🙂


9 thoughts on “On Drugstore Shopping in Hong Kong: Watsons and Sasa

    • Thanks, Carina! Sasa was awesome, as always! I try to balance my “haul”, expensive-inexpensive, eyes-lips-base, etc. I think I’m getting better at it now!

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  2. hi! im keen on going to the sasa outlet that u mentioned.
    may i know which direction should i walk to as I step out from the MTR? (left or right)

    • Hi Rachel, you must get out the Wing Lok exit (check the MTR chart which letter that falls under) and then turn right upon getting out of the station. You can actually see the large Sasa sign from the exit. Goodluck and happy shopping!:)

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