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Lipstick P/Review: MAC Lipstick in Costa Chic

Oh hello, guys. I suppose I should have written a whats-up-with-me/update post first to sort of break the ice, but I have no time to compose that yet—sorry! I really want to, though, so let me tag that as an IOU. I just want to roll out reviews as much as I can, reviews as simple and straight forward as this, a Lipstick P/Review. I wore this lipstick, in fact these are from the same set of photos, on my previous QMP, but I’ll get to talk more about it here.

As I mentioned in my Lipstick Tag post, I got these a while back  from my sister. MAC Philippines doesn’t stock Costa Chic (and a few lot others, as you know) and this isn’t very popular with online resellers too. Most probably because…it’s FROST.


I also did tell you I avoid Frost finishes like a plague—the whole frost business seems to be a bit dated and well, more for the *mature* demographic. Frankly I don’t know why I was obsessed with it for a time, I just saw it on an online magazine and kind of kept googling it. I was challenged by the pink, the sparkle and coral laced pink (or pink laced coral, if your prefer)—like somehow, I can make it work on me.

Okay, Costa Chic, in two full coats, registers lovely in photos. The color is a flattering, healthy shade of pink with a very subtle bluish sheen running through it. It goes on pigmented enough for these cocktail of colors to show through. The “frost” bits aren’t very visible, or at least that chunky to distract from the overall effect.DSC_0256

The tricky part to get is the texture: it goes on patchy. There’s no way to go about it, it just does. While all looks well from a distance, a closer look would show spots of pigments. In that sense, it’s not the most layer-able lip color. I cringe at the thought of putting gloss on top or balm underneath so I just let it be. DSC_0248

Ergo, I find that it’s most wearable as one thin layer, and almost always smudged across the lips with a a finger. That way it gives a muted sheen, a flat texture, no flaky patches, and with just the right amount of color. As I’m wearing it below:


I love Costa Chic, but not without reservations. I mean, I’ll keep on wearing it because it looks darn nice. I haven’t changed my mind about Frost lipsticks though, and I doubt I’ll be getting another one in the long future.

Have you any Frost lipsticks? What do you think about them? I love mattes so you know I just might be biased. Please share, I’d like to know if I’m being unfair!


4 thoughts on “Lipstick P/Review: MAC Lipstick in Costa Chic

  1. I have Costa Chic and I hate it with a passion. Lol. But I guess I’ll try to maybe just smudge it in to work around the patchiness and grainy feel.

    You’re looking great though, Ae! 🙂

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