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Lipstick P/Review: Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in Entourage

For the first Lipstick P/Review of 2015, I’m bringing out the big gun. Oh well, big at least in terms of how much I like and how special this lipstick is for me! I mean, just look at this beaut!



Really, thank god for the internet and Instagram because how else will I be able to get a hold of this? Lipstick Queen is a seer-yas lipstick brand founded by Aussie Poppy King when she was just 18yo. I’ve read about her and her brand since the days of me buying Nylon magazines(!) and I’ve always wondered what is it in her lipsticks that makes her bold enough to call herself “Lipstick Queen”? Well, more than a decade later, I think I know why.


Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in Entourage, Php2595 via IG reseller



This is pure glamour and luxury for your lips! A pigment-rich yet feather-light lipstick that delivers the drama and intensity of matte without compromising on comfort. The way this lipstick glides weightlessly onto your lips needs to be experienced to be believed!

Velvet Rope is one of the many lipstick types under the Lipstick Queen brand—I think this one is the more luxurious/expensive type and you can see why. The packaging is exquisite! It’s like holding a bar of gold in your palm; it’s really hefty and solid, with fine quality cast metal work and gold-plating. There’s nothing coy or understated about this lipstick—it screams GLAMOUR! And well, I’m personally loving the nod to Art Deco as that has to be best design period IMHO. So there, love the packaging, the velvety box, the magnetic closure and all that jazz. I feel like I really got what I paid for, and that’s only the packaging!!


As for the formula, this has a creamy, almost melty feel upon application; none of that chalky dryness of a good matte lipstick. There is peppermint oil in the mix, so you get a slight tingling sensation which on me, is forgettable in a few beats.  I dont think it fully sets—so it keeps a comfortable moisture level—rather, it turns to a well, for lack of a more imaginative term, velvety film and finish. The only downside to that (not setting) is that it transfers quite a bit. Anyway, this texture is quite novel to me, (in the same surprising vein as the Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani lipstick) and the LQVR could just as well trump my matte champions. Gah, I’m still so baffled by the finish! You really do have to experience it to believe it.



Stay with me here, there’s still the COLOR to discuss! The LQVR in the shade  Entourage is described as the richest wine, and I totally agree. It has the deep color and vibrancy of a glass of merlot..or probably the stain it will leave on your lips after one too many! I’m a fan of this color, I like my reds laced with complex undertones and this has got to be one of my best ones. I’m wearing one swipe from the bullet, so obviously pigmentation is tops as well.


I think what makes this particular  lipstick really special is the marriage of color+texture. I’m sure there’s plenty of wine-colored tubes out there—the color really isn’t that unique. But when paired with the velvety, luminous texture, the whole thing becomes alive, almost multi-dimesional. I’m so sorry to lipstick-geek out on you, but I can really go on and on about lipsticks! So I’ll stop now–I hope I was able to convey to you the happiness a lipstick/this lipstick can bring [me]! I like to collect little objects of beauty, I think it helps me live an inspired life, haha. I also think a girl should have at least one overly frivolous tube of lipstick, just because.

Not very convincing to end a post with “just because”, I know. 


2 thoughts on “Lipstick P/Review: Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in Entourage

  1. I love this review! It’s like me geeking out about the texture, origins, and the finish, etc. of my facial oils (I am so obsessed about them!) I can feel the love you have for this lipstick while was reading the post ❤

  2. “multi-dimensional” –> THIS!

    It may be an exact color dupe as Diva, but there’s something about this lipstick that makes it look really different. If lipsticks don’t expire, titipirin ko talaga to.

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