*Special* Lipstick Lineup: My Favorite Liquid Lipsticks

To kind of make up to you for this blog’s inactivity, allow me to share a special lineup of my favorite-est liquid lipsticks..It’s one beauty item which I have been consistently purchasing, nevermind that I have a good couple. I’m not proud of that fact, and that I’ve bought into the whole liquid lipstick thing. But to be fair, I’ve always loved a good matte lip and I’ve been a fan of the “first-gen” lip creams (NYX SMLC, anyone?) even before. I’m amazed that a liquid substance can set to a semi-solid surface, and that I can forget about out of thin air! *geek talk*

Anyway, these formulations have gone a long way and now we have a proliferation of these bullet-proof lip products, from the drugstore to high-end, from startups to big brands. So here are my picks from the lot!

Top to bottom: Dose of Colors in Cork, NYX Cosmetics in Berlin, Kat Von D in Lolita, Ofra Cosmetics in Mocha, Happy Skin Glam Squad in Rose Brown, Sleek Makeup Matte Me in Birthday Suit 


Swatches, left to right: Kat Von D Lolita, Dose of Colors in Cork, Sleek Makeup Matte Me in Birthday Suit, Ofra Cosmetics in Mocha, Happy Skin Glam Squad in Rose Brown, NYX Cosmetics in Berlin


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (in Lolita) My favorite in formulation, color and packaging (wand-type). I wrote a full review here, but what you only need to know about this is if you’ve tried it, you would struggle settling for any other liquid lipsticks. And Lolita is such a stunning color, I always get asked what I’m wearing when I have it on! I’ve written a full review of it here.

A Dose of Color Liquid Lipstick (in Cork) I really love the color—a trendy warm brown, and texture—like melted chocolate, of this liquid lipstick. Also, it has an amazing texture, very thin and sets to a most comfortable finish. I almost like it as much as Kat Von D but I really take issue with its wand applicator, which is a cushy, mess. Application made unnecessarily extra hard, as you can see in my annoying IG story snapshot above.


Sleek Makeup Matte Lip Cream (in Birthday Suit) – this peachy nude is such a crowd-pleaser..it’s a bright nude that applies and feels light on the lips. I like how easily flattering this is, without trying too hard. This was part of my Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lipstick Lineup here.


Happy Skin Glam Squad Liquid Lipstick (in Rose Brown) – I love this lipstick a lot, I use it as my almost everyday office lip color. It is a standard liquid lipstick: fully matte, pigmented, long-lasting lip product in a cool mauvey brown-pink color which I’m all about these days. Since it’s easily available and moderately-priced, I have no qualms using it a lot, and buying another tube if need be!

Ofra Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick (in Mocha) – I believe OFRA reformulated their liquid lipsticks from this old one that I previously reviewed. The new ones are softer, much more comfortable and probably the closest in formula to a traditional matte lipstick. When I need a no-brainer, MLBB lip-look, I reach out of this tube. The color is flattering, the formula thin and buildable. It sets to a semi-sticky matte finish that’s not drying at all. I’ve reviewed other Ofra lip products here.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (in Berlin) – I have to include this in the list eventhough it underperforms in pigmentation and staying power..it is, after all, a lip cream and not liquid lipstick. I still love the moussey texture that is easy to apply and wear. You just have to layer it a couple of times to get even opacity. The new shades I have, Rome and Berlin are such great everday trendy lip colors! I’ve written plenty about NYX SMLCs, check them out here.








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