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QMP: New Hair, New Base

Hi guys, sorry for the unintentional hiatus—I’ve been busy with another baby (and not the human kind!) which I shall tell you about soon, and yes also busy with THE baby. You know, motherhood is dang hard, but at the same time, if I had the luxury, it’s all I want to do. And oh, as you’ve probably seen on the blog Instagram, I FINALLY HAD A HAIR CUT! That’s after about 1 year- I hadn’t had the chance after pregnancy and givign birth. The IG photo (see side bar) was taken when it was all decent and blow-dried, this is what it looks like after a shower:

It’s funny because I always end up with messy hair. I dont comb my hair a lot (only right after showering), and I never blow dry it so that’s that. And I’ve been going to the same hair stylist for maybe 12 years, getting practically the same cut. Gah, I’m not the best person to talk to with hair, sorry.

Other things..well, I’m wearing a new base here, a BB cream actually, which many of you might be interested in since it’s a replacement of my Etude House Precious Minerals Bright Fit (a consistent popular post here on the blog). It’s also from Etude House..I’ve started the draft of the review for that one. I’m wearing the usual MAC matte lipstick in Taupe. I didnt bother with a Lipstick P/review for it anymore cause I’ve worn and posted it quite a bit here anyway. It’s just the perfect neutral shade, a toasty nude, in my eyes. It complements my skin quite well, a no-brainer actually as it can work for casual to dressy occasions.

So that’s more or less from my end; I’ve started drafts some other stuff, so dont get confused if I’m still sporting long hair on those! How about you? New beauty discoveries I should know about? I cant wait for that new NARS foundation..and I have still to get my hands on an Audacious lipstick (so far behind, I am, I know).


2 thoughts on “QMP: New Hair, New Base

  1. The new nars foundation — yes please! I want it. But I need to see and swatch my sade first. My shade in sheer glow might not be the same color the same shade in all-day luminous. Almost tempted to buy blind.

    • Hi, Rae! Haha, I saw IG resellers selling it already, those new NARS. But yes like you, I need to wear it on my skin first e. Cafe Makeup.com has some swatches up already. 🙂

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