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C-B-H with Revlon InstaFix Sticks!

That’s Contour-Blush-Highlight by the way.


Anyway, trying to be cheeky aside, I recently received new products from Revlon Philippines and I’m only too psyched to get their Insta-Fix sticks because, well, I like makeup that don’t require brushes! Because I usually do the rest of my makeup on an Uber, I prefer makeup in pencils, pens, and yeah, sticks!


Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Contour in Golden Beige, Insta-Blush in Berry Kisses and Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick in Gold Light (Php575 each)

These new products from Revlon are really for gals on the go, obviously, they’re purse- friendly but more so, they apply so quickly with minimal to almost no blending*!


Swatches, left to right: InstaFix Contour in Golden Beige, Insta-Blush in Berry Kisses and InstaFix Highlight in Gold Light

*I meant, when working with sticks you can do an almost accurate application by swiping it exactly where you need it. The formula and texture on these sticks are foolproof–really very smooth and subtle, you only have to pat/blend it in a bit! Some might dislike how subtle it is, for example the blush needs a few heavy swipes to really show up but on the upside, if you don’t have time too fuss to much with application and/or not very good at it, none would be wiser!

Anyway, you can check out how I apply them below–literally, three swipes. If I have time I swipe the contour shade first then blend, and then swipe the blush then blend again and so on. But if you’re super pressed for time, you can swipe all three and blend in one go! I promise you, it won’t end up in a mess! The formula is so forgiving, and they sort of blend into each other. Easy-peasy!


I only wish the contour shade I have is a bit deeper though. Golden Beige is a little too near my actual skin tone to effectively give me a “shadow” effect. Will check a Revlon counter for more suitable shade! On the other hand, the highlight shade, Gold Light, is perfection! Can you see what I mean? It’s my favourite and have been moved to daily-makeup status. It is the perfect muted, warm gold hue and like I said, so easy to apply! I can’t not apply it! It just gives me a believable glow!


If you’re a no-fuss, finger-applying, stick-wielding girl like me, I really recommend these Revlon Insta-Fix Sticks! It’s like, your face done in 3 swipes! I like the convenience, and the quality is really good, too! (I mean, I bought a contour stick recently and that fell out of the packaging in like 3 days. Money down the drain!)

Let me know if you’ve tried these! I’ve posted about this quite a few times on IG, so you can easily comment there too! Happy Sunday! xx



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