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Hearts/Farts: MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour

I realize, as I’m typing the title that the I’ve been using the “Hearts/Farts” category for reviews for several years now! I used to say hearts if I love, or farts if I hate the product . But things aren’t so black and white anymore, or at least I’ve matured enough to recognise it. Some things are really in the middle–as in this case with MAC’s newest base product.


MAC Next to Nothing Face Colour in Medium Dark, USD 31

An ultra balmy fluid infused with nourishing ingredients and opalescent microspheres for a youthful glow that looks lit from within. This sheer tinted cream can be used under or over foundation, or to bring a translucent luminosity to skin. The cushiony, smoothing texture glides over skin, diminishing the look of imperfections and fine lines, while moisturizing and protecting skin. Skin looks immediately retouched!For best results, use with the new 140 Synthetic Full Fan Brush or sponge.


Swatch of MAC Next to Nothing Face Colour in Medium Dark

The product comes in slim but hefty glass bottle with a pump that locks. I like the packaging although anything in glass is best kept sitting in your makeup desk (hence, not a travel option). Out of the pump, the product feels runny yet balmy (not watery) as the swatch above. I usually apply it with my fingers, but I also tried applying it with a sponge, as suggested.


It wears comfortably (like “nothing”) and sets to almost.. nothing. The pigments on it have a very curious way of disappearing on the skin upon application. I even did an IG post of me applying this product to illustrate this point. Anyway, I’m a fan of really natural, really thin bases so I appreciate the idea behind this product.  The finish is glowy and moisturised, although coverage isn’t tops. I also had problems making my concealer sit on top of it, the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer which I love and been using for a long time looks obvious and thick with this on. I never seem to have problems with it with my go-to-base,  so I actually bought a new concealer to try and remedy this. I really want to make this product work on me, so I’ll keep experimenting!

In these photos, I’m wearing it in one even layer and then applied some more on the center of my face using fingers. It applies very easily, and spreads evenly although fingermarks are noticeable with this much more than other bases I tried. Again, partly maybe to the balmy (as compared to watery) base.


I did not use powder to set, although I brushed on some contour powder under my cheekbones. The finish is very skin-like, and gives a veil of smoothness to my complexion.




After about a week of daily use, I finally realised what my issue is with this base: it doesn’t set. Maybe because of its balmy, skincare-y nature, the product moves around and transfers significantly. I also experience oily-ness after a few hours of wear, which I remedy by blotting with paper. At this point, my makeup is almost unnoticeable. I loathe to have to apply powder over it coz the finish is so natural, but I guess that’s the next obvious step.

These things considered, the MAC Next to Nothing Face Colour is a great complement to an existing base routine. On its own, it gives a natural, super skin-like coverage with a bit of an enhancing effect. It is not a one-stop-shop product, rather one that should work best in conjunction with others. Unfortunately for me, I have no time (or patience) to work with multiple products. But I still use it anyway! Follow me on IG where I’ll probably post an update as to how I can wear this best! If you have tips with this product that have worked for you, please let me know!




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