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Post (-But-Not-About)-Indonesia Updates!

HI GUYS, am back from a month long stay in Indonesia! But as the title of this post suggests, this isn’t about that. I seem to have this weird habit of not talking about my travels immediately after I return. I feel like I wanted to experience to sink in a bit more, to percolate a little bit better as if in a desperate attempt to prolong it.

Anyway! Updates!


I have amassed quite a bit of beauty things to talk about. My sister (my OG beauty guru) who’s in town again brought back some pasalubongs from her trips to New York and Japan! Above are the usual Japanese drugstore fare. I’m excited to use the new formula of the Heroine Make mascara which is a firm favourite of mine (but is a pain to remove)!

She (and my other sister) bought the MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour for me which was newly launched at that time. I’m writing a review of this next so be sure to check back here soon!


They also got me THIS! The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette has been the IT palette the past year so I’m grateful I received it. Though like what I said on IG, I wish I have some place/event to wear it. I have yet to make my first dent on it!


As much as I enjoyed Indonesia, beauty shopping  there isn’t as vibrant as in here or any other Asian cities I’ve been to. 😦 But, I was able to get this at the Jakarta Airport Duty Free on our flight back to Manila, at 50% off! So I pooled all our loose change and bills to get it before boarding! This is my first Shiseido product, which I also have yet to try as I am busy testing two new bases–the MAC and the Yadah BB Cushion (I posted on IG!).


In other news, I’ve been featured in Upsize.PH as one of 6 Beautifully Real Filipinas You Should be Following on Instagram! I am so thrilled to part of Ms. Dinna‘s list because she’s such a respected (like, real, legit, and for me the Pinoy Sali Hughes) beauty writer! I may not be active here, but I do post regularly on IG and it always feels nice to be appreciated! Check out the article here!

I also hinted at a #secretphotoshoot I did the past week with a local magazine. I’m so thrilled to be picked for this issue as it is, of course, about beauty! Unfortunately, that has to remain a secret until October! But check out my FOTD from the shoot below, from my talented MAC makeup artist, Ryan Wong! We decided to do a K-beauty inspired makeup and I had fun makeup session. The shoot was, thankfully, painless. I’m not used to having my photo taken (professionally) so I’m happy that it was quick!

IMG_0210So there, I apologise for the lack of blog posts. There seem to be a new consensus that IG is the new blog form and while I don’t agree (I still like reading, and writing! long, though-out posts), that seems to be the quickest and most direct way to engage. So if you like, please follow me there too: (at)anartechoke.

Until the next post!




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