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Lipstick Lineup: Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolors

Last week, I got sent a Revlon package in a nifty, very usable travel pouch! In it are some of their newer drugstore offerings which I myself have previously checked out (while doing groceries!). You have to love brands that constantly innovate, and Revlon does it so well!

Since then I had enough time to play with these goodies..for example, I’ve used the ColorStay Foundation during the most humid days recently, and the InstaBlush have been an easy choice as well. I’ll post a #OneBrandFace post pretty soon but today, let me talk about the lipsticks! The lipsticks!!

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor in (from left) HD Vineyard, HD Blossom, HD Pink Cloud, HD Lava, HD Sand

• Ultra hydrating formula with hyaluronic acid
• Vibrant color pigments suspended in a clear gel base
• Creamy mango and whipped vanilla fragrance
• Precision tip designed to sculpt lips for a seductive look
• 15 high definition shades

I have, in the past, written plenty about Revlon, their lipsticks are still one of the best in the drugstore, specifically the new Ultra HD line of Liquid Matte (review here) and Lipsticks (review here). So these new Ultra HD Gel Lipcolors are something to be excited about, if only to know how different they are from the other Ultra HDs. Well, to begin with, they are in a slimmer, sleeker package. Personally, not a fan, but I do see that it gives better control. The slimmer bullet allows for a more precise application and you need that for a product this pigmented!
Swatches: Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor in (from left) HD Sand, HD Pink Cloud, HD Blossom, HD Vineyard, HD Lava

The colors I have are mix of light and vibrant colors. The darker colors are very pigmented, the light ones while not as pigmented, give a consistent color payoff. The texture is very buttery, like a lip balm but without the heavy, waxy feel. I think the revolutionary gel base makes this possible, you get the saturated color without having to layer too much product on. See how they look below.

From left, wearing HD Sand, HD Pink Cloud, HD Vineyard

From left, wearing HD Blossom, HD Lava

The Ultra HD Gel Lipcolors go on easily, stay on the lips like any regular (non-matte) lipstick, and leave a faint stain when rubbed off. The finish is rich and creamy and leaves lips supple and moisturized. I also like that it plumps up my lips, thanks to the Hyaluronic acid! I’ve been wearing these lately, as you’ve probably seen on my IG. It might be a good choice for mature women, and/or those who suffer from dry lips.


I admit, I’m not at all comfortable with glossy finishes. But this one kind of sets, so you lose the shine but you’re left with all the pigment and plump. You can also use it as a stain, concentrating the application on the middle part of your lips. Either way, you’ll appreciate the ease of wear and application of these slim little lipsticks.

Overall, I laud Revlon for going the non-matte and non-liquidlipstick route. I understand not everyone’s clamoring for “lip kits”, and even so, not everyone’s suited for it. Revlon offers a well-thought out, revolutionary alternative that is still trendy,  healthy-looking, and comfortable-wearing. Check it out on your next beauty excursion and let me know what you think! I’m always on Insta! xx


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