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My Colourpop Orders Arrived from the US!

Hey guys! My order from Colourpop finally arrived! It’s my first time to order anything from the US, ever! The experience was great, although for a while there, I thought it would never arrive! I placed my order around the first week of March, and it arrived, or at least I got the Post Office notice on the very last day of March. I finally picked it up at our local Post Office last Monday, April 03. I paid Php112 to claim my box. Overall the experience was okay, and I would order again if anything interesting comes up!

The order came in a big sturdy box with a lot of cushioning—I was really worried about the powder duo..images of shattered makeup haunted me until I finally opened up the package! If you order makeup online, I’m sure you can relate!
Anyway, this is just a quick post to show what I got. I ordered a total of 9 items, four of which are orders from my sister and cousin. My main reason for ordering is really the Alexis Ren collab, nevermind that I’ve never heard of her before this!

My orders:
ColourpopxAlexisRen Face Duo in Topaz
ColourpopxAlexisRen Blotted Lip in Deja Vu
ColourpopxAlexisRen Ultra Satin Lip in Bare Necessities
Ultra Satin Liquid Lip in Echo Park
Supershock Shadow in Wattles

Not my orders:
Ultra Satin Liquid Lip in Aquarius
Ultra Matte Liquid Lip in Solow
Lippie Stix Creme in Boys Town
Lippie Stix Creme in Bonus Points

I’m doing a review of the ColourpopxAlexisRen items first, as most of you are probably familiar with the usual Colourpop items already. I have worn some of the stuff already and I’m really impressed! You can check out mt IG for some swatches and FOTDs of me wearing some of the stuff. Until then, enjoy the rest of your Holy Week! xx



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