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A Bit Late for the Holidays: The Glossier Black Tie Set

Glossier is one of the hottest new-gen, almost indie, makeup brands that has been well loved and welcomed by the Instagram-generation beauty fans. Pre-social media, brands like them wouldn’t have a real chance in the beauty market but here we are–a middle-aged Filipino talking about a US-exclusive beauty brand, oh the power of social media!

I have resisted ordering anything Glossier for the longest time, but last year, before the holidays, I found myself scrolling through an IG reseller offering to pre-order the Limited Edition (magic word!) Glossier Black Tie set. I realize now that I’m better off ordering one of their regular cosmetic offerings (like the Boy Brow, or lipstick or concealer) than a seasonal set of stuff to really get to know the brand, but a victim of great campaigns, I am!

I am even so into the black ribbon, like, what?! I definitely love the overall look and feel of this set.

The Black Tie Set comes in a sturdy box tied with the aforementioned ribbon, a lookbook and the ff products:
– Clear Lipgloss
– Haloscope Highlighter in Moonstone
– No.1 Pencil Eyeliner in Graphite
– Nail Polish in #glossierpink

The Glossier no.1 Pencil Eyeliner in Graphite is an automatic/twist-up pencil, complete with a sharpener and smudger. The color is a consistent metallic gray, very much like the real pencil! It applies smoothly although not as pigmented/intense as I was expecting. For example, you’d have to do several passes before you get full liner effect, I had to do two pto get the swatch below. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re doing a smudgy eye as the formula is creamy and easy to blend.

Getting the Clear Lipgloss is almost like signing up to challenge the  matte-lover-forever in me. I have unevenly pigmented lips and clear isn’t very ideal for me. But seeing the the photos online, I’m ready to give it a try! What makes this gloss modern  is the glasslike, no shimmer finish. It is thick and sticky as syrup, but once it’s on, it doesn’t bleed or water down. If you don’t get too adventurous with your lips, it will stay slick and shiny for long. This is a sleeper hit for me, surprisingly, because I kinda like the look, it makes my lips luscious and cool and galactic. I likey.

The Haloscope in Moonstone is a limited edition shade, a pale cool silver stick highlighter with blue and pink micro specks. I’m sure you know that haloscopes feature a moisturising “oily” core that adds to the dewy look and that is exactly my concern here. Since we dont actually experience cold/winter/drying seasons, the oil can feel a bit greasy. I LOVE the effect, but it is a bit impractical for daily, or daytime use. What I do though, is swirl my finger on the outer circle (away from the core) and dab on my skin. That way I get the shimmer and not the oil. But if I’m doing the whole #glossier look though, this Haloscope gives an unreal, dewy+glowy effect–the straight-off-of-a-magazine kind.

Once upon a time, you’d never see me without nail polish on my hands and feet. But motherhood happened and all of a sudden nail polish (on the hands) seemed too superfluous and unnecessary. But #glossierpink is a hefty 1/4 of the set and it would be a shame not to use it! The proprietary pink of the Glossier brand, this color doesn’t strike me as a very dressy color, and honestly more a “pedicure” pick for me (I prefer dark shades on my hands). It has a rounded edge to its brush, so that when splayed, it fits right in to your nail bed. I appreciate that detail, and it sort of works. I get an even layer of color in one coat, which is a feat for milky colors like this! Generally, I think this is an improved version of a typical good nail polish—nothing spectacular, but if you’re into a bare, minimal, clean looking nails then this is as good as it gets.

Here’s a group swatch of everything, including the nail polish (on my nails). I have a moving swatch on my IG too, if you prefer.

For the look below, I used a very thin base (MAC Face and Body Foundation) and cream blush (Makeup Forever HD Blush), as bare as I can manage. I applied the Haloscope liberally, on the bridge of my nose, my cheekbones and side of the forehead, etc. The effect is instantly noticeable, I like how it gives my skin a ‘healthy’ glow.

I then applied the Graphite pencil on my upper lashline and extended a bit outwards for a subtle cat eye..looking at the pictures now, I wished I exaggerated a bit so you’ll see more of it. Anyway, I still like how consistent it looks, subtle but it’s there. On my bare lips went the clear lipgloss and like I told you earlier, it gives my lips a succulent, editorial effect!

I tried including my hands on the shot so you can see the #glossierpink nail polish..(and oh, that’s my daughter trying to get into the shot as well!) with the rest of the face makeup. I look like I got a toothache, but what the heck.
The look is surprisingly very easy to pull-off, a very alternative way of doing “dressy” makeup. I wore it out to a vernissage and it held up quite well. I would definitely wear the whole look again and of course, the products separately in other events. Honestly, you can only really play around with the eyeliner as the other three products are pretty straightforward. But mixing them with my party favourites should be fun!

It’s kind of difficult to subscribe to the whole Glossier cool gal program, but you can cheat your way in with these products! Everything in the kit delivered well for me, and I’m very happy with what I got (although I would have preferred another makeup item than a nail polish)! I’m looking forward to more Glossier items in the future..hopefully they ship internationally soon!

What about you, have you tried Glossier? Which products do you highly recommend?





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