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Hearts/Farts: Sleek Makeup Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

I feel guilty saying this out loud, but this blog ranks lowest in my priorities. Nowadays, committing to post regularly is nearly impossible and to be honest, I really haven’t identified as a blogger even after years of keeping this space. I’m a beauty fan, that’s what I am. And I would love it if we can share that together, fan-girl together—not me as a blogger and you as reader. I’m really sorry to be letting you down, and while I don’t want to make excuses for myself, I hope you understand why my blogging has been intermittent. (Hey, although I update my Instagram regularly, so please follow me there!)

I have started the draft for my Bangkok post, where I spent my birthday week (last June pa!), but I haven’t got the attention span to finish it. What I would like to share today is a purchase from said trip, a highlighting palette from Sleek Makeup that is actually also available here but is much cheaper there. Whew, anyway.

I’m a fan of the Sleek Highlight and Contour Palette which I still use to this’s really indispensible for me. So when news of a four-pan highlighting palette broke out, I was interested; besides, who can resist such blingy packaging?! 

The Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette comes in a sleek, shiny, chrome-y compact with three cream and one powder highlighter. It comes with a blush that is really not that useful so I took it out. But all in all, it is one good-looking palette.

Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals, 590baht 

The quality of the creams are great, and I find that using my fingers is the best way to apply them. The cream is emollient but hard enough so I don’t squish it and it isn’t sticky which is my fear for poured-in cream products. The palette Precious Metals is I believe the warm-toned set, there’s another set (and actually what I really wantedt to get) cool-toned Solstice. The colors in this palette range from pale champagne to deep bronze, all very shimmery, some even downright glittery. But they are as pigmented as they come, neither shy nor subtle. 

Swatches as they appear on the palette, L-R, T-B: Platinum (cream), Royal Gold (cream), Renaissance Gold  (cream), Antique Bronze (powder)

I particularly like Platinum and Renaissance Gold as they have finer shimmer in, wheareas the other two tend to be chunkier, texture-wise.The powder though makes for a nice sheer wash of bronze to warm up the skin.

Although, I realized that the/my problem is, I don’t strobe/highlight the way most people do or at least how they advertise to. While I enjoy browsing, I cannot imagine looking like an IG beauty clone (you know what I mean!)—it’s just not me, not my style, I don’t have the talent and the patience, and so on and so forth. I guess it’s obvious in my photos below, I look far from sculpted!

I tried to use all four from the pan, using them on the bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, tops of my cheeks, middle of my forehead, inner corners of the eyes..I tell you, I ran out of surface to apply all these with! And wow do I look glowed-out!

At the end of the day, I realised that I don’t need four kinds of highlighters..I just need a really really good one. This is a GREAT palette to have, but not for me/for my needs. I’m sure a makeup artist would have a ball with these! The quality is superb, as is most of Sleek Makeup palettes, so if you want to invest on some serious bling, it’s worth a look! 


One thought on “Hearts/Farts: Sleek Makeup Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

  1. I actually prefer this irregular blogging pace. Just post when you feel like it. #slowblogging

    I get overwhelmed with so much information most of the time.

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