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Lipstick Lineup: L’Oreal Color Riche Collection Star Velvet Pinks & Matte Reds

Today, I have four lipsticks in the Lineup, two pinks and two reds. And what’s even more exciting for me is that they’re mattes! I remember when it was almost impossible to get a decent matte lipstick from the drugstore–where lipsticks are concerned, matte is mum. Nobody wants flat looking lips! I had to seek out online re-sellers for other indie brands that carry affordable matte lipsticks..but time’s changed.. (those who have kids will get the Scarlett Overkill tone on that one!)

Choices for matte lip lovers have suddenly ballooned over the past years, every drugstore brand and her sister seem to have their own versions! One brand that’s been consistently putting out great lipstick variations in the market is L’Oreal, their celebrity collabs have been going on for years! The newest from their Color Riche Collection Star line, packaged in sleek black tubes with celebrity signatures and colored “buttons” are of reds and pinks which are mattes and velvets, respectively.


L’Oreal Color Riche Collection Star Lipsticks in L-R:  Pure Rouge (Freida), Pure Garnet (Sonam), Rose Lotus (J.Lo), Nymphea (Eva), Php400 


The two on the left are the Matte Reds while the two on the right are Velvet Pinks–you can see how the ‘grouping’ translates to the finishes. Matte Reds are really pigmented and saturated with a flat finish while the Velvet Pinks are much softer, less saturated and have a soft sheen to them. Personally, I prefer the full-on Matte Reds but it’s a commitment not everyone is willing to make! On the other hand, the Velvet Pinks are a good compromise. Lipstick finishes are a matter of personal, even physical preferences. Some lips can take bone-dry textures (like mine), while some peel and crack with them. Some like the look of flat colors while others crave for some shine. To each her own, I guess. What’s great is that now, you can take your pick and enjoy the level of color and finish you’re comfortable with, while still being on-trend! So take your pick!


Swatches. L-R: Pure Rouge (Freida), Pure Garnet (Sonam), Nymphea (Eva), Rose Lotus (J.Lo)

The Color Riche Collection Star lipstick in Pure Rouge is just, wow. It was love at first swipe for me! The color is very similar to my favourite MAC Ruby Woo, a rich, classic red, but this one has a much comfortable feel! If you have to get just one from the bunch, THIS. IS. IT. Come on, just look at it!


But if you think that red is too loud for you, try Pure Garnet, a deep burgundy that’s more subdued and sophisticated. This is my kind of red actually, something I wouldn’t hesitate to wear. You’ve probably seen me dozens of times in this color, more recently, in this review of Guerlain Orgueil, or the Lipstick Queen in Entourage. These lip colors are opaque in one layer and are so easy to apply–L’Oreal’s formulation of these lipsticks are super on-point! These Matte Reds have got to be the best drugstore matte lipstick I’ve tried so far. Guys, that means a lot, coming from me. :p


Next we have the Color Riche Collection Star in Nymphea, a rosy nude that’s universally flattering. I have a bit of trouble getting this lipstick to apply evenly, and somehow the color registers more pink than peachy on me. But I like to dab this on at the office sometimes when I need to look friendlier, haha. This color is similar to MAC Please Me.


Lastly, Rose Lotus is a deep purply-pink. Funny coz it looks deep berry on the tube–I was expecting a deeper, not brighter, pink. I would’ve preferred the color on the bullet more, as a lover of all things dark and dim. But this bright version perks up the complexion nicely and I know a lot of ladies love this sort of pink. An Ofra lipstick reminds me of this hue. Pretty, flowery pink!


That’s it! Let me know if you picked up any of the L’Oreal Collection Star Lipsticks! They’re cheap and fantastic, so you should go get yourself one or three! There are more colors in store, you shouldn’t have trouble getting a match!


One thought on “Lipstick Lineup: L’Oreal Color Riche Collection Star Velvet Pinks & Matte Reds

  1. Pure Rouge and Pure Garnet are complete knockouts Ae, they look stunning on you.
    I think I have Pure Rouge somewhere so I am going to dig it out and wear it tomorrow. See what you made me do 😉

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