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Hearts/Farts: Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow

The title should actually read Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Makeup–a mouthful, I know, that’s why I snipped it. It seems that when Guerlain set out to produce what would be a liquid version of those mythic Meteorites pearls, they weren’t able to control themselves and just put everything in there!


Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Makeup in Medium, Php 2,900

With Météorites Baby Glow, for the first time, light becomes liquid… subtle, silky, impalpable. With a unique alchemy that combines technology with a touch of magic, this liquid light glides onto the skin as a luminous, perfecting veil that erases signs of fatigue and reveals the youth and natural glow of the complexion. The skin looks rested, smooth and replenished – as beautiful and fresh as a baby’s skin. Like an infusion of moisture, the ethereal and delightfully aqueous texture of Météorites Baby Glow makes it glide effortlessly onto the skin, suffusing it with a long-lasting sensation of comfort. With this hydrating burst of freshness, the skin relaxes and appears refreshed, invigorated, plump and radiant.

I even spent a good deal of thought when I saw it during the launch of the Guerlain Beauty Council (which I’m a part of! Read more here!)–is it a BB Cream? A CC Cream? A primer? It gives such decent coverage and finish for a product so light. And the packaging’s handy for something that packs a glowy punch!


Swatch: Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Makeup in Medium

What really puzzles me is how it achieves above-mentioned finish when there are no shimmer particles on the fluid at all! See the swatch above? None! But when applied, you can see off the bat, how it gives a glow, generally making my skin better looking. It’s my loss that I don’t own/I haven’t experienced the Meteorites Pearls to begin with, that might have made things easier for me to comprehend, and my expectations wouldn’t be so low. I’m sorry Baby Glow, I underestimated you! This is probably the infamous Meteorites effect: a subtle, undetectable yet undeniable glow.

The product comes out of the pump tube like soft cream, feels cool and light on the skin and without any greasy/oily feel. It is very easy to spread and apply on the skin given the texture, it actually feels like a gel moisturizer the way my skin just drinks it up. For the photo below, I used a pea-sized amount and just applied with fingers. I like how my skin feels refreshed after applying it, the sweet-smelling violet notes don’t hurt either. It adds another layer of, sensory pleasure? I dunno but it instantly picks my mood up!

baby glow1

A blog friend commented how she finds most Guerlain bases lean on the cool/pink side and I have to agree, at least with this product. The medium shade is deep but renders a bit pink. I have a neutral-to-warm skin tone so I have a bit of leeway there but thankfully, Baby Glow is sheer enough so I don’t think it matters so much!

For these  next set of photos, I added a bit of blush and fixed my brows a bit (:p) –this is my typical, out-the-door makeup. I like how natural the effect is, and how it matches my simple makeup. I think thick base makeup looks off-putting on me, specially in the daytime. Actually, never mind the look, I cant stand the feel of it! With the Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow, I can feel my skin breathe. And at this stage of my [makeup] life, I feel that is a high-priority!

baby glow2 copy

Finally for this really made-up set, I applied contour & highlight powders, more blush, eyeshadow and hello, lipstick (will be blogging about this soon, too)! All the while keeping my Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow as is. Yep, I haven’t touched it up one bit! No powder, no’s the same base applied as the first set of photos above.

baby glow3

I love how it stays glowy but never oily as you wear it. Surprisingly, I don’t feel the need to touch up even after hours of wearing it! The finish stays put and I don’t see considerable fading, it really is amazing.

Summing it up, the Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Makeup is genius in a tube! It is a hydrating, glow-enhancing base that works wonderfully in bringing the best  out of your skin. However, if you require/prefer serious coverage this might not be enough. I truly believe it can work wonderfully as a base to some sort of setting powder or in conjunction with some heavy concealer. I suppose the best product to set it with are the Meteorites pearls and the best to touch it up with is a Meteorites compact, so as not to dull the glow! So I’m setting my sights on those next! I am now officially, a Meteorites convert!

Have you tried Baby Glow? Or any product from the Meteorites line? If you haven’t tried Guerlain, I urge you to swing by their Greenbelt pop-up store and get a special surprise at the counter when you use my code AEG011! You have until June 30 to avail of it–go get your glow! 🙂




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