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What Inside My Guerlain Bag?!

As an Ambassador of the Guerlain Beauty Council, I was given a voucher to get whatever product that caught my fancy during their pop-up event last week at Greenbelt5. After buzzing around the store for quite some time, I finally had these in the bag!


I will be reviewing them separately—yeah, I’m not gonna hit these two birds with one stone, as I normally do. I want to be able to talk about each product specifically and thoroughly, because Guerlain is a brand that needs a lot of talking about!


Anyway, these two aren’t, by any means, the latest (Le Petite Robe Noire!) or hottest (Meteorites Pearls!) Guerlain products. I tell you I was in a real bind deciding which ones to get–I really took it as a challenge! I was thinking, the products should of course be quintessentially Guerlain, but it should also be something that’s very me. In a sense, it is a sort of getting-to-know-each-other: me and Guerlain. I know I sound funny getting all introspective about makeup, so sorry! But I know that’s partly why you and I get each other, right?

I was quite sure I wanted some sort of base product. I feel that you can gauge a brand best with how they formulate their bases— their beauty philosophy, the selection and quality of ingredients really show. Of course, a foundation from the Meteorites line is just perfect, as it is the single most recognizable makeup line from Guerlain! The Meteorites Baby Glow is a light revealing, sheer makeup that claims to have an anti-fatigue effect—just what the doctor ordered for busy mama like me!

1464427310_thumb.jpegGuerlain Meteorites Baby Glow in Medium (Php2,900)

You know how I’m partial to expensive light base products, and I can’t get enough of these brightening things. I like how this is a modern version of a daily foundation, something that I can really use, frequently and extensively. I almost got a matching Meteorites Pearl tin to go with it, but the shade I wanted, Light, was out of stock that day. I planned on going all the way Meteorites, just to see the full effect of that infamous line. Anyway, the next product on my list is the Le Petite Robe Noire lipstick, just cause it was so comfortable to wear..and well, it is their new product. But then I remembered I been wanting to check out the Orgueil lipstick before so I asked the SA out of the blue. It wasn’t on display but I asked anyway. Lo and behold, the last piece of Orgueil!

1464427838_thumb.jpegGuerlain Rouge G L’Extrait in Orgueil (Php2,500)

Moral of the story: ask! 

This is so predictable of me, getting a matte, deep red lipstick but how could I not get this gem? It’s serendipity! The Rouge G L’Extrait is the liquid lipstick before liquid lipsticks (y’know, the new generation ultra matte-setting type) hence, it is very much like a conventional matte lipstick. The color is a to-die-for deep red, and while I have about 5 other colors from the same family, the formulation, application and finish of this one holds its own. I’ll discuss more of this in my review. I’m wearing both items below– I was gunning for Parisian chic, hence the dishevelled hair, stripes(!), the light base, eyeliner and statement lip. I hope you get the reference! :p


The Meteorites Baby Glow feels very light and velvety, it doesn’t even feel like cream on the skin, I had to keep touching my face to check! Coverage, while on the sheer side, is really brightening from the get-go. I deliberately skipped blush so you can see the subtle sheen on my cheeks and nose..I’m only wearing Baby Glow on my face, no powder, blush whatsoever. The Rouge G L’Extrait on the other hand, is full coverage in one go, although for this look, I used it as a stain for a French-ier vibe. It’s very creamy and very scented, and that’s not even going into how exquisite the packaging is..

Overall, I think I’m quite pleased with my picks—I feel they’re representative of what Guerlain has to offer. The quality of their products are probably the best you’ll find in any cosmetics line in the market, the packaging is a delight to see and hold, and the brand speaks volume about beauty heritage. I’m just so thrilled to have the chance to own these things!

So, stay tuned for my individual reviews of these products! Meanwhile, June is my birthday month, and as a treat, you may avail of a special surprise when you pick something from their Greenbelt pop-up until June 30, just give them my unique code AEG011! Guys, it’s the best time to check out Guerlain, I’m telling you! Please tag me on Instagram ((at) anartechoke) if you do find yourself with a Guerlain in your bag!



One thought on “What Inside My Guerlain Bag?!

  1. I don’t have anything Guerlain (well, except the mirror that Julia of Bless My Bag gave me — which I lost in Tablas!), so I am really looking forward to your reviews 😀 Let’s check out the stall next week and you can educate me?

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