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Oui To Be: A Guerlain Beauty Ambassador!


My life-long dream is to be French (–like), and my everyday goal is to summon and grow whatever je ne sais quoi I have in me. I’ve been obsessed with French culture for so long–food, beauty, fashion. I follow all the French it-girls: Caroline Maigret, Garance Dore, Jeanne Damas, Isabel Marant, Ines dela Fressange, etc etc. So naturally, an invite to be one of Guerlain’s Beauty Ambassadors  is sort of like a mini-dream come true! I mean, Guerlain is the Frenchiest (am I driving you crazy with these italics?) of them all, being one of the oldest cosmetics and skincare houses in the world–built by the Guerlain family in 1828 with a flagship store at 15, rue de la Paix. It doesn’t get any more legit than that!


Just this week, Guerlain Philippines launched the Guerlain Beauty Council program at their pop-up space in Greenbelt 5. I was among those invited to explore and experience Guerlain skincare, cosmetics and fragrances. I have to be honest, my only experience with the brand is through the Shalimar perfume my highschool classmate had because she was named after it. So yes, thank you Shalimar, wherever you are now! I have kept tabs of the brand though when I started to get into makeup..who can forget Natalia Vodianova’s pretty face in their campaigns? But oh, Guerlain has so, so much more to offer!


They have royal jelly-based skincare line of contouring serums and dark spot correctors, white pearl-based whitening essences, BB and CC Creams. 

A complete array of foundations, bronzers, multicoloured powders, mascara, they even have brow pencils too. And then of course, fragrances!


What is Guerlain without the Météorites, those light-revealing pearls of powder? The three-step application will surely make you dazzle!


I’m particularly excited about Guerlain’s younger, hipper (and much more accessible) line, the La Petite Robe Noire! The lipsticks are only Php1,400 each!


The Le Petite Robe Noire Lip Colour has a light-weight texture that’s super comfortable on the lips. It is nicely buildable, subtly perfumed and has a shiny finish. You know how much I love my mattes, but I can’t deny how easy these are to wear! They’re really flattering, too!


Swatched: Mauve Gloves left, Berry Beret right. Wearing Berry Beret below.


At the event, we were given a voucher to buy products with. It’s quite a challenge actually, coz I needed to stay on budget and I wanted to get a lot! I can’t wait to show you what I ended up with.


What a lovely afternoon! I super enjoyed traipsing around the store, swatching and applying here and there. Their products are so luxurious, from the packaging to the scents–all designed to delight the senses! I guess there’s a certain thrill that you get from cheap finds, but it’s a different kind of enchantment experiencing brands like Guerlain.


That said, you HAVE to go and checkout Guerlain! I’ve only talked about the makeup, there’s still skincare and fragrances and all sorts of beautiful things to discover! If you go now until June 30 at their Greenbelt pop-up, you’ll get a special surprise when you give them my unique promo code AEG011! This is a great chance to finally get those Meteorites pearls, or maybe their Terracotta bronzing powder..whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll get something precious!

Have you tried Guerlain? What are your favorite/must-have products? I’m so happy to finally get to know Guerlain, do let me know if you’re a fan too! xx


5 thoughts on “Oui To Be: A Guerlain Beauty Ambassador!

  1. I echo your feelings Ae, how divine would it be to be Parisienne AND a Guerlain spokesmodel . . . . Congratulations on being invited to be a Beauty Ambassador for them, c’est magnifique!
    Guerlain has always been one of my absolute favourite brands and the only thing about their products that disappoints me is that their foundations run too pink for olive-toned skin. But everything is so exquisite and of supreme quality.
    I love the Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder and the Rouge G L’Extrait matte lip colours.

    Also, you have just reminded me that I have a Terracotta Make Up Palette For Face & Eyes that I have been neglecting and will be perfect to wear this winter . . . . off to dust it off 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Payal! 🙂 I have yet to try their regular foundations, but I can see what you mean with the pink undertones! I’m so excited to discover more about Guerlain, now that I’ve previewed their stuff! Have you reviewed your Terracotta palette? Would love to check out what you thought of it! xx

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