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Hearts/Farts: Happy Skin Glisten Up Highlight and Contour Sticks

Ahh, the beauty world has been changed forever by two words: highlight and contour. The two have successfully made their way to every girl’s (well, not every, maybe most) beauty routine. It certainly have in mine, as I can’t seem to lay off the contour and highlight when I do my makeup, even just a quick brush of it.

Happy Skin, a local beauty brand that’s seems to be making all the right moves, has finally launched their version of these in stick-form. I haven’t tried contouring with a stick, but I have previously owned a couple of highlighters like it.

Happy Skin Glisten Up Strobing Kit, Php 1,199 from Zalora

Each stick has 0.6oz of product, and comes in a mini, chubby twist-up  that is purse friendly. I tell you what, the main reason I got these is so that I can  C&H on the go, without the need of a brush. I hate bringing brushes with me, so at least when I’m in a hurry, I can still do so even after I’ve left the house!

Top, Happy Skin Glisten Up Highlight Stick in Champagne; Bottom, Happy Skin Glisten Up Contour Stick in Taupe

Another thing that convinced me, after seeing Rae’s swatches on IG, is that they really are good shades for doing the deed. We know how hard/tricky it is to get these right, specially the contour shade, and Happy Skin’s version in Taupe is a tan with a gray undertone. This sort of shade is perfect for contouring as it gives a believable “shadow” effect. The shade Champagne gives a warm toned shimmer that is very fine and pretty. It is also creamier/a lot softer in texture than the contour shade so it’s just so easy to apply. Check out my swatches below!

For contour, I make four stripes—two under both cheekbones and two on either side of the nose. For highlight, one on the bridge of my nose and one on each side of my upper cheekbones. I just blend using my fingers, and really, it couldn’t be any easier.

If you don’t go crazy, the effect can be pretty subtle. I really don’t want to go on the Kontouring debate, as for me makeup is self expression. If you want to look a certain way, that’s entirely up to you! But this is the only level of contour and highlight I’m comfortable with. I also don’t powder over, after applying both sticks, I’m done. I feel it looks more natural this way!

These  products are great in terms of application (easy!) and colors (spot on!). My only problem with these is that they fade considerably. Less than what I am used to with powders. I maybe be over-blending, but I still don’t feel like they’re there come afternoon. It’s probably the creaminess of the product or the oiliness of my face. Either way, I hate that I have to layer it with powder which kind of defeats the purpose..I suppose I should use some sort of setting powder (which I’m so lazy to use!). And if you’ve seen my recent IG post, the highlight stick, the softer one, kind of fell off from its tube and got smooshed in. It’s been really hot so I guess it melted off. The contour stick, which is the harder of the two stayed intact, thank god! So, all things considered, I heart it with reservations. I still would use every bit of it, though!

How about you, have you tried these C&H sticks or any other products in similar form? Does it last long on you? I would love to know!

I bought this product from!  Be sure to use my code ZBAPZZZK to get a 15% off your orders!




4 thoughts on “Hearts/Farts: Happy Skin Glisten Up Highlight and Contour Sticks

  1. They are so pretty and the effect is quite natural. I wonder if they are sticky though . . . I also tend to prefer powders. Loving the lipstick by the way. Is it Revlon Ultra HD Matte in Addiction by any chance?

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