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Good Friday Trip: Rekados at Sta. Rosa Road

One of the things I wish I have more time/attention for is to blog about travel and food, two things I like as much as makeup. I used to do that (you can read up on my travel and food categories on the left) but when I became a mother, everything else took the backseat.

Anyway, this Good Friday, we drove South, with no particular place to go to. We checked a piece of property in San Pedro, Laguna, then drove further down to Sta. Rosa, with a not-so-serious plan to go to Tagaytay. Of course, the road going there was clogged even before we reach anywhere near Tagaytay (but we already knew that!), so we turned back. We decided to stop by Rekados for late lunch, it being one of the more interesting restaurants along the Sta.Rosa-Tagaytay Road:

There’s plenty of parking space, and it’s very easy to pull in and out of the road. I guess that’s what makes it inviting, the wide plaza out front.

The compound exudes a rustic, traditional Filipino feel, something right out of Intramuros. They have a small indoor restaurant (with AC), right by the road side.

But we preferred to sit at the outdoor dining area. We like sitting outside as much as we can, so long as there are no smokers nearby. That way our baby can roam around freely in the garden.

It’s not a terribly big garden actually, there’s just a couple of small traditional wooden houses (a pasalubong centre, a hut that sells fresh milk and cheese from cows, carabaos, goats).

There’s a quirky “batalan” outside, but not to worry, there’s a normal restroom too. 😉

Back to the food, Rekados is a Filipino-Spanish Restaurant which serve the usual callos, paella fare. But we were not particularly game for very rich food (it was Good Friday, after all), so we ordered vegetables, fish and chicken: pinakbet, fried chicken and grilled salmon.

The food wasn’t exceptionally good for its price (meaning I’ve had better pinakbet some place cheap, etc), nothing to write home about. I think we paid about a thousand pesos for these and a bottle of local beer. I don’t think will come back anytime soon, just cause we’d rather try out other places next time.

But I enjoyed the stop, the discovery part and the stroll around the gardens. We also took home barquillos and goat’s milk for my baby to enjoy on the drive home, and goat’s cheese for us for next morning’s breakfast.

How about you? Did you go anywhere interesting this Holy Week? We’ve been trying to travel with the little one as much as we can, so kid-friendly recos are more than welcome!



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