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Hearts/Farts: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

I already told you here how I came about wanting this particular foundation. I’ve always been a fan of Giorgio Armani Beauty, I have their lipsticks and I have the Maestro Foundation too. I just never came around to actually getting the Luminous Silk because it’s not avaiable locally, and well, I honestly am not in dire need of new foundation. But well, it was Christmas and Santa Claus my sister was coming to town!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in Shade 6.25

The foundation comes in the standard “high-end” frosted glass bottle with a pump. The GA logo and type are all in there too, giving it a really delicate, classy look. The pump is good at dispensing just the right amount of product, so packaging wise, this is above-board. Of course, as in all glass bottle foundations, this shouldn’t leave your dresser.

I already know that this foundation is great. It’s a celebrity and celebrity makeup artist favourite, and therefore should be an easy favorite for me too! I originally asked my sister to get me shade 6 or 6.5, just by eyeing online swatches but she said 6 was too light and 6.5 was unavailable. I didn’t know GA makes .25 shades and I know that’s a code for something (Increments of 0.5s are warm 0.0s are neutral or something); if you know kindly sound off in the comments below please! Anyway, so yes 6.25 it is which is tbh, a little too dark/yellow for me.

I also wasn’t prepared for the luminous part..with my combination skin, I got the oily feeling by the afternoon. I havent been wearing powder lately to set liquid makeup just cause I can get away with it, so I was caught off guard. But that is mostly just a feeling coz when I check in the mirror, the makeup looks okay. In fact, it looks super okay.

I’m wearing a pea-sized amount in these photos, applied with fingers, no powder on top. I really want to use a sponge with it (but I can’t find my RT complexion sponge) and see if that helps with the finish. But as you can see, it looks fresh and luminous as it is—tsk, this foundation photographs very very well.

It sets not-so-demi-matte, even though it looks it. If you look closely, you’ll see some micro-shimmer that doesn’t translate shimmery. I don’t know, this foundation is crazy! So, I’m in a bind. The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk looks flawless when worn. It lasts well too. I just cant shake off that sticky feeling, and I really don’t want to pile on powder and lose that beautiful glow. Just the same, I use this every single time I go out to ‘special’ events. It’s that reliably good. I heart it, I guess!

Now, I wanna try the Lasting Silk variety, ugh. Have you tried this foundation? Do you share my reservations, or do you find it perfectly okay?




5 thoughts on “Hearts/Farts: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

  1. Ah, I just finished up my Luminous Silk this week and while I loved wearing it, I agree, there is this slight tack to it that makes me go hmmm. But I found a dusting of translucent powder did wonders without loss of glow – mind you, I similarly tend to ‘shine’ as the day wears.
    Incidentally, I wore it in 6.5 so I reckon you’d probably want to go a 6 or lower.

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