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Lipstick Lineup: MAC Lip Liners

If you’ve been following my IG, which honestly, gets more activity than this space, you might be familiar with my #SwatchSundays hashtag, where I swatch random stuff in my kit. Today, I thought I’d extend a bit of the chit-chat there over here and show you a sampling of my lip liners. And just to make things tidy around here, I’m posting this under “Lipstick” Lineup, although they are lip liners. Well, I use lip liners as lipsticks all the time anyway so let me be! 🙂

L-R: MAC Lip liners in Whirl, Soar, Stripdown and Subculture

Those who’ve lurked here long enough would know my preference for pencil types of things because, simply, I like pens and pencils. I’m more comfortable using it—it’s my profession to use these things. And I find that MAC still does the best lip pencils in the biz, the quality is superb and all that, but more importantly, they’re consistent. You buy one and you pretty much know how the others are going to perform. Also, I’m partial to lip liners because they give so much structure and longevity to lipsticks so much so that sometimes, I skip using lipsticks altogether! Anyway, before when I wasn’t so hard-core into mattes, I would dab a bit of balm on top to “melt” the liner a bit. That was my go-to lip for the longest time.

Swatches, same order as above.

So here are my neutral-ish lip liners, the most recent purchase was Stripdown, a warm brownish-nude that I find great for layering with nude lipsticks for a 90s vibe. It’s good for over-drawing the lips with, too.

Whirl, a cool mauve-taupe, is also a favorite coz it’s just so subtle yet it gives my lips a ‘cool’ vibe. It’s also very MLBB, which is great for when I don’t want to make much of an effort.

Soar is a deep pinky-mauve which I like to use when I want to pretty-up. It livens my complexion and really is an overall flattering color.

For a generic nude, or for when I wanna “nude down” my lips, I use Subculture, a neutral peachy-nude.

For photos of me wearing these, check my IG FOTDS, they’re there somewhere! And let me know which ones you have in your kit too! Happy Sunday, guys!








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