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Get #PhotoReady with #Instafixes from Revlon!

Revlon has launched new products to get your game faces on this season. This is a quick overview/review of the products, in case you’re in the market for accessible and affordable drugstore bases this photoop-heavy season!.

Products from Revlon’s Photoready range, launched in 2011, use photochromatic pigments to blend, reflect and diffuse light to provide full, yet undetectable coverage. It is designed to perform under harsh lighting and high definition condition. I guess in our social media era where everything is seen through filters, that might seem redundant. But that of Revlon’s are are actual, physical filters—and they should help you look good in photos and in person.

Left to Right: Revlon Photoready AirBrush Effect Makeup in Nude, Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Stick Makeup in Buff, Revlon Photoready Prime+Antishine Balm (Swatches in the same order, below)

I was sent the following a few weeks back and I apologize for not letting you know about them sooner. Anyway, these are  readily available in most department stores and drugstores so you shouldn’t have any problems checking them out right away.

Revlon Photoready AirBrush Effect Makeup in Nude
Revolutionary formula with Light-Filtering Technology delivers a poreless, airbrushed look. Soft-focus pigments create a luminous finish. your skin has never looked so flawless.

I gravitated towards this immediately—being the makeup form I’m most familiar with—and I’m pleased by the coverage and overall effect of this product. To be honest, I rarely, if at all, use drugstore foundation. That’s one of the makeup items I really splurge on, so I’m surprised with how this performed! It applies rather thick, and the consistency is like hard cream. I applied with fingers but I would really recommend using brushes given the not so sheer texture. Anyway, I have to warn you that this has glitter, obvious silver glitter which is puzzling to me. It’s not even shimmer, but specks of glitter. It’s not obvious in photos, and I surmise only visible up close. Apart from that, this gives such flawless and somewhat matte finish that I find really appealing. Somehow I look more finished than usual. See photo down below to see what I mean.

Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Stick Makeup
Revlon creates the instant skin retoucher. Light-Filtering Technology gives skin an instantly perfected, retouched look. Use all over the face, to conceal flaws, or for touch ups — Anytime, Anywhere.

The shade I got was too dark for my skin tone, I can’t seem to make it work no matter how much I blend it so I have no photos of me wearing it. The stick is so handy to use though, and I assume would be great for people who don’t need full makeup coverage—you only need to swipe where needed, much like a concealer. The texture is light to touch and blends rather easily.

Revlon Photoready Prime+Antishine Balm
This multi use balm can be worn alone, under or over makeup to prime and smooth skin and to eliminate shine. It erases the look of pores and imperfections for a perfected look.

I’m not terribly oily, and I actually like a bit of shine on my face so I seldom look for anti-shine products. But probably some of you are interested so I tried this anyway. It is a balm that applies powdery (like most silicon-y primers) and sets to almost nothing on the face. It makes applying foundation easier, as it glides over the smooth silicon layer. I’m wearing it under the Revlon Photoready AirBrush Effect makeup, and it seemed to improve both the application and coverage time of the foundation. If you’re serious about perfecting your base, this might come in handy. Check out the photos below:

I’m wearing the Revlon Photoready Prime+Antishine Balm on my bare skin. As you can see (or rather, can’t see), it’s invisible, but it does have a somewhat blurring/smoothening effect.

Here I applied a layer of the Revlon Photoready AirBrush Effect Makeup over the primer. Check out my IG (@anartechoke) to see how much and where I put the foundation.

I’ve added the Revlon Colorstay Undereye Concealer on my under eyes and sides of my nose, some contour, highlight and blush using this palette . On the lips is a tinted lipbalm, previously reviewed here.

I wish y’all be #Photoready for your holiday festivities! A few days before Christmas, and I’m looking forward to all the food, cheers, laughter and of course, photos!



PR Samples. Opinions are honest and entirely my own.


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