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On Other Matters: Hello from Singapore!

Hello from Singapore! (again)

I did not intend for this space to be quiet for so long! But the truth is, aside from my Blogo going loco, my husband left for Singapore months ago for an artist residency, I have been busy holding the fort and preparing for travel to eventually join him—and now we’re here!


I’m actually quite pleased we’re staying off-of-Orchard, coz it gives me a chance to explore the less metro side of Singapore! The place we’re staying in, in itself is super awesome!


Of course, Singapore is best experienced, via food! My husband and I can’t get enough of kopi tiam fare!


And Singapore’s kopi can’t be beat! Cheap, good and look, handy!


I have gone around to check the malls nearby and well, here is a beauty update for y’all!


Singapore weather is really sunny (with bouts of haze!) and with longer days (the sun sets at past 7pm!) so sunscreen is a must! I recently ran out of mine and got the Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF 50 at Watsons, as per Liz of Project Vanity’s glowing reco  It’s very watery and feels cool and nice on the skin. I like it a lot! I’ve also stocked up on my favorite ZA concealer which is never available in Manila. And I’ve discovered Innisfree, I’m obsessed! Their skinny brushes are phenomenal! And so are a lot of their products, so I’m due for a visit at a nearby branch! I’m so excited! I also got cheap tweezers coz I forgot to pack my Tweezermans. Can you see how out-of-control my brows are below?



I still need to go back Watsons and stock up on my K-Palette pens (which are cheaper here, plus they’re on sale!) and maybe get some other drugstore stuff. I’m planning to visit Sephora andSasa too, so stay tuned for news on those. If you have leads on what else to shop for here, please let me know! And oh, I wonder if Topshop still has makeup here? Would any of you know?

As always, thanks for checking in! xx


3 thoughts on “On Other Matters: Hello from Singapore!

    • HI Paoline! Oh I missed that, I saw them in loose powder and compact form! I’ll get them next time! I got a few other stuff though, will post soon!

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