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On Different Ways to Get Flushed: Three New Blushers!

Let’s talk blush today, shall we? I might have been boring you with lipsticks on my blog IG lately but don’t be fooled! I still very much subscribe to the whole beauty thing, though not as often and as documented as I would like, being a hands-on, working mom and all. And blush, in any form, is one of the few things I make sure I’m wearing before heading out. It’s more about looking healthy than pretty, actually, otherwise I’d look like a zombie mom, running on a few hours of sleep each night.

To be upfront though, while I love a good flush, I seldom reach out for a powder blush. It may or may not be because I’m too lazy to pick/bring/clean a brush. But three new gorgeous powder blushes are too much for my [beauty] EQ to resist—so out my blush brushes go! Luxola did a great job of picking out three different blush types for me–those that I wouldnt normally go for–so it’s really fun to venture out of my comfort zone and just have fun discovering these products!

Left to right: Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Blusher in Heather Silk, Sleek Makeup Blush in Rose Gold, Mirenesse Marble Mineral Blush in Paros Pink  

Swatches: same order as above


Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Blusher in Heather Silk

Wet n’ Wild’s been around for as long as I can remember, I like their lipsticks but I can’t believe I’ve never picked up their blushes! Their Icon Blusher, as you’ve probably seen on shelves, comes in a slim plastic case with a brush. The shade I have, Heather Silk, is a pinky-raspberry color in matte finish, very pigmented and bright. You actually need a very fluffy brush to use it with to get a natural looking flush. Even then, you still need to give it a good tap! But once it’s on, it is on. I’m quite impressed with the minimum fallout and its longevity, it almost as if stains the skin! I actually had to rub off my cheeks a bit in the photo below, as I like my blush to be subtle. You can see how it manages to look quite there on me, still. Because it is matte, you get more of the color showing through so application is key to getting a natural, even effect. The color is a versatile enough for fair to deep skin tones—I’m a warm medium, so I guess I’m a good middle ground.

For an affordable drugstore product, the Wet n’ Wild Icon Blusher colors me impressed! It’s a product you have to learn to apply and control though. Get it right and you’d have cheeks that look like you’ve been blushing at the sight of your OTL!


Mirenesse Marble Mineral Blush in Paros Pink  

Mirenesse is an online Australian brand that is known for natural and cruelty-free makeup, and which I’m glad to be introduced to! One of their star products is this Marble Mineral Blush, and while the product isnt entirely new, I still fall for these celestial looking swirls every time! What’s curious is that they call this a blush highlighter. And really I couldn’t complain as this peachy pink confection gives a beautiful silver shimmer—as you can see in the swatch above. However, it’s still not enough as a face color makeup (for me) as the pink registers faint on my warm skin.  Below, I’m wearing it on top of the Wet n’ Wild blush, on the tops of my cheeks and bridge of my nose. It truly lends a fine, though not-so-subtle, lit-within finish that I like with highlighters, but without the frosty finish or chunky glitter. I love how this works so well with whatever makeup I’m wearing underneath, and it gives me a soft, radiant finish.

If you’re after a general glow more than a pop of color on your face, the Mirenesse Marble Blush is great mid-range product to consider. It is kindy bulky (but contains a lot of product!) and fragile looking, so this is an apply-and-leave-at-home kind of makeup for me. The glow lasts fairly well, and looks even better once it settles in to the skin!


Sleek Makeup Blush in Rose Gold 

First off, I love the very small and well, sleek, packaging of the Sleek Makeup Blush, plus it comes with a teeny mirror too! I’m sorry to be so particular about packaging, it’s just that even though I already carry a sizeable bag, I need all that space for my baby’s many things. Anyway, at first sight, this was the blush I was most wary of—it’s too gold! I actually had to apply it on my face to appreciate its complex shimmer and color, and wow, it has a great balance of both! Said to be a dupe for the infamous NARS Orgasm, the Sleek Blush in Rose Gold is a gold-laced coral. I happen to have both and yes, they are very similar—the Sleek might be a tad more pigmented even! It’s hard to over do it or mess it up though, as the color and shimmer sort of melds with the skin in a beautiful, sun-kissed way. I love it!

Suffice to say, this is the blush I carry with me. I’m so used to the idea that a blush has to be pink and cutesy and such, but this blush has changed my view on face color! The gold shimmer warms my skin nicely, like I went on a year-long cruise!  At the risk of sounding such a cop out, you have to try it to believe it!

And if, in any case, you still feel the need to discover more blush types other than what I just showed here, feel free to read up and browse through Luxola’s many blushers here. I spent a good portion of an afternoon going through their stuff, so be warned! And as a special treat, Luxola is giving YOU, dear reader a 25%off of your first order! Just use my Exclusive Discount Code: BLX-AE at Luxola.com/ph. This voucher code is valid till September 31st! Happy shopping!

PR Sample. Opinions are honest and entirely my own. 


4 thoughts on “On Different Ways to Get Flushed: Three New Blushers!

    • Hi! Rose Gold is a gorgeous color, I highly suggest getting it when your ban’s over! The lipstick I’m wearing there is MAC Velvet Teddy + Whirl lipliner. 🙂

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