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Lipstick Lineup: MAC Matte Collection 2015

I know you’ve seen this one coming.. poor me did not stand a chance when MAC launched 22(!) all-matte shades this summer. While they will all be permanent shades–and as such no real need for a rush, I knew I had to get at least a couple right away! Here are my picks!

MAC Matte Lipsticks in (from L-R) Velvet Teddy (old shade), Whirl (new), Instigator (new), Tropic Tonic (new)

I have quite a number of MAC mattes and for me nothing beats them in terms of value for money, shade variety and availability. Their matte texture’s also very reliable; I  know already what to expect—like a dear old friend, these MAC mattes are. There’s no rhyme or reason for my color selection, I actually just picked from the promo photos and descriptions.

Swatches (from L-R): Velvet Teddy, Whirl, Tropic Tonic, Instigator

Velvet Teddy has been part of the permanent line long before but is not available in our local MAC stores. I actually got it because of my Kylie lip obsession  but aside from that, this is such a pretty, versatile pinky nude. I usually use this with a lipliner but I’m surprised how natural it turned out here when worn without. This is my everyday lipstick at the moment!

Out of the four, Whirl has got to be the color I’m most excited about. It’s such an intriguing color! Though described simply as “dirty rose”, I can’t quite place the deep yet muted, pinky yet browny shade. But even before I can describe how it looks, I bet it’s going to look different on another skin tone anyway. Tricky, tricky Whirl!

I chose Instigator as I seem to lack a truly deep plum lipstick..not berry, not wine, but a true-bluey plum. This is exactly what I hoped it would be, a deep, purple color devoid of warm undertones.  I also thought this would be hard to pull-off for casual wear but I wore it out recently and I didn’t feel too weird about it. One caveat though with super deep shades like this is how to get it to appear even—as you can see below, the color thins out on my mid-lower lip. 

Lastly, I’m still not over my coral phase, so I picked the brightest of them all, Tropic Tonic (“full power coral”)! But it’s quite a bummer coz it looks so similar to my NARS Audacious in Juliette . I guess I’m really in to that sort of color but never mind! This is a bright orangey pink, which I hazard leans a tiny more (neon) pink (Juliette is perfectly 50-50, but has shimmer in it). And well this is properly matte too, so I know I would enjoy wearing and bringing it out without fear of it melting (like the NARS).

So that’s that! MAC Mattes are really some of my favourite lipsticks, (the Retro Mattes even more so) as they’re fairly consistent, comfortable to wear and reasonably long wearing too!

Tell me what shades caught your eye! I might get Studded Kiss and Men Love Mystery some other time. Would love to know  your thoughts, as always!


7 thoughts on “Lipstick Lineup: MAC Matte Collection 2015

  1. I think Whirl is pretty close to the Kylie Jenner lip color we were talking about in the previous post! Though my fave on you would have to be Velvet Teddy. On you, it’s a teensy bit bright so it looks fresh rather than severe. Severe still works though, and I feel Whirl is the severe version of Velvet Teddy on you.

    • Hi, Tellie! Yeah, funny coz I have Whirl pencil AND lipstick! Velvet Teddy is such a perfect neutral, Whirl has got an edge so I know what lipstick to wear for whenever! xx

  2. I thought I was content with my 3 picks (from the newer/relaunched colors), until I saw this post a few days ago. I’m definitely getting Instigator. I want to get Liv (Audacious), but I know I wouldn’t be able to stand how wet it is. I was thinking of getting Train Bleu (Velvet Matte Pencil), but it seems to expensive for something I have to sharpen.

    • Did you get Instigator? I know you’d love it, it’s no-nonsense! True, the NARS Audacious are just too “rich”.. MAC is more wearable in the sense that it’s not so fussy to apply and wear. Oh, I got Men Love Mystery too. You’re right about Studded Kiss..for some reason, it IS patchy! :\

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