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QMP: Kylie Lips Anyone?

Hi everyone, I’m alive and well! I’m writing another what’s up with me post, but seeing that QMPs are faster to roll out, this would have to do for now! Things have been busy on the home (and work) front which is not to say I’ve completely tapped out of the beauty game!

I have been quite obsessed with Kyile Jenner’s lips lately—well more like her lipstick, as I find her and her pout to be a bit too much, but it’s the color that I’m liking very much! A quick search on the web offers a lot of tutorials and dupes and whatnot—I watched a Pixiwoo interview of Kim K before saying her sister uses MAC Soar lipliner, but surely there’s more to it than that? The popular consensus is that, she uses MAC Soar lip  liner and Velvet Teddy matte lipstick. I don’t know if those are correct but I got both anyway, and I’m wearing them below!

What I’m wearing, face: Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream, MUJI concealer, Smashbox Air Blush in Dusty Rose

What I’m wearing, eyes: MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, MAC Teddy Kohl Pencil, L’Oreal Miss Manga  mascara, Shu Uemura Hard9 Brow pencil in Acorn, VOV Brow mascara

For the lips, I lined with MAC Soar lip liner, slightly going beyond my natural lip. I also usually take the pencil inside the lip and leave the middle parts bare. I followed with two coats of MAC Velvet Teddy matte lipstick.

The result is nowhere near Kylie’s luscious puckers but I like it nonetheless. My lips look slightly more “done up” than usual and I’m loving the pinky-mauve-nude color! I also love using Soar on it’s own for a deeper color—it’s my favorite recently!

What about you-what’s your take on this trend?


3 thoughts on “QMP: Kylie Lips Anyone?

  1. I’m into the retro mauves she’s bringing back! This looks really fresh on you, but I’d like to see you try something a bit browner. This looks a wee bit too pink for me in comparison to the Kylie Jenner color.

    • Hi Tellie, depends on the reference photo–sometimes she’s wearing it really pink. But I do get what you mean..the Stone/Spice kind of color…and I actually got another lipliner, Whirl–I think that’s more up that 90s alley! xx

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