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Hearts/Farts: L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

Oh wow, I’ve been lamenting this heat for a few posts now and this post has been that overdue, it’s beginning to rain now! Has it been that long since my last post?! Anyway, what kept me sane, makeup-wise, the summer that (hopefully) was, is this superhero over here:

I’m so grateful to Kira of Elegantly Wasted who passed this on  to me. I dont mind getting a beauty-hand-me-down as we’re friends and part of an unofficial beauty exchange group! Anyway, let’s see. This is the first L’Oreal mascara I’ve tried and wow, I’m impressed! As per usual, let me talk about it in terms of brush, formula and wear:

BRUSH. I’m not a fan of big, curved wands, such as this one, mostly because I have small eyes/eye space. It’s hard to wield it around without hitting my nose, etc. Also I don’t quite know how  to maximize use of a curved brush. I end up with serious clumps that I remedy by just brushing out repeatedly. The brush also takes a lot of product on it so I usually scrape it a bit before applying. What I like though is that pointed tip which is very handy to use for my lower lashes!

Here I’m wearing about two coats on my upper lashes, with additional touchups on my inner and outer lashes. The lower lashes got a single coat. I used Shu Uemura lash curlers before applying Miss Manga.

FORMULA. The Miss Manga mascara has a thick, waterproof formula that goes on really black. I love the immediate effect it has on my sparse lashes. It volumizes and lengthens with help from fibers, which I don’t find as irritating as those in Japanese mascaras. By that, I mean, eye-irritating—I don’t tear up as is the case when I beef up application with other fiber mascaras. But perhaps what I like MOST about its formula is how it holds the curl! I haven’t come across a drugstore mascara that holds  my curl as well as this mascara does—impressive! In my book, Miss Manga wins in this very point alone. (Check out my IG feed for the ridic photo of this mascara in action!)

WEAR. Also most impressive is how Miss Manga wore on me. This summer has not been particularly easy, but this one dint let up. No smudging, at all—I even napped with it on! The full wow effect wears off a bit throughout the day but without visible streaks or flakes.  And again, it keeps most of the curl I get from the curlers! I use my cleansing oil + cleanser to take it off, with no difficulty. Another plus, as taking off stubborn mascara isnt sometimes worth it.

I can’t HEART the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara enough! Don’t be fooled by this short review! It delivers doll-eye-like lashes (for realz), that’s as easy to wear as it is easy to take off. I’m not sure though why it did not perform as such with Kira so I have reservations going all out get-it with you. But this is one great drugstore mascara find and I’ll be sure to buy a backup!

Have you tried Miss Manga? How did it fare on you?


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