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Lipstick P/Review: NARS Audacious in Juliette

It took me so long to get my hands on what must be THE BIGGEST LIPSTICK LAUNCH OF 2014 because..well, I got pregnant (I had no desire for lipsticks whatsoever), and I gave birth (I had to time to desire anything whatsoever) that year. And then when I had the chance to finally get to a NARS counter most of the shades are long gone. Actually, the one I visited had a lone tube on display, in a pitiful shade which I can only feel too sorry for. So I forgot all about it, I only wanted one shade out of 40, really.

And then this past week, I casually strolled in the new NARS boutique in BGC while researching public toilets, of all things. And there SHE was, seated among a few other beauts..I can’t believe it!

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Juliette, Php1650

I’m so happy NARS redesigned their lipstick packaging, I’ve just had enough of their rubbery finish, to be honest. The Audacious line comes in a square, magnetic closure, matte black metal tube with the subtle “NARS” type in glossy black—hefty and feels industrial chic. One minor caveat, it still is a fingerprint magnet, argh!

I am very spot-on and visual with my makeup—if you give me a selection, I will choose my color straight away. For this Audacious line, I zeroed in on the oranges, as in my opinion, NARS aced this color group. Tell me if this isnt so!

Juliette is described simply as “pink coral” and I couldnt complain, I know myself to be drawn to colors of these sort. You might be confused though, as NARS presented us with lipsticks of very little shade nuances (which I personally appreciate, yes, there are a dozen shades of reds, pinks, oranges and nudes!). For me, Juliette sits perfectly in the middle of the pink and orange, out of all the corals in the group.

In one swipe you get the 50-50 ratio of pink and orange, a shade that is both and neither at the same time. It swatches pretty much true-to-tube color as you get a thick, saturated layer of product. Almost as if not meant to be layered!

I am obsessed with this color, so very mod/60s, like what Ms. Holly Golightly would have worn! It does look shockingly neon at first, but allow a few minutes to set so it loses it sheen. It is also transfer-zilla the first few minutes, probably because it applies so thick. So wait or tissue blot.
This wears, feels and lasts like a good matte lipstick and that’s really thrilling. Although as you eat your way through the day, the product fades to and pills around the lip edges. I find that wiping completely off before reapplying gives better looking results.

I really would like to get one or two more but I can’t decide from the available colors (there aren’t too many).. It was a good wait though, I am amazed with the formula of these new lipsticks, I felt like I was really getting a new and improved kind.

Have you tried the NARS Audacious lipstick? What color did you get? Have you any color recos for me? 🙂


11 thoughts on “Lipstick P/Review: NARS Audacious in Juliette

    • Hi, Wiji–thanks! I love a good coral, and this looks a bit kooky! Once you can, check out the NARS at BGC Central, they have 5-6 colors available.. 🙂

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