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Hearts/Farts: ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation

I chanced upon this during my rare and recent fly-by the SM Beauty department store. I always drop by the ZA counter to check if they have finally restocked my favourite Perfect Fit concealer (they haven’t!) but I was pleasantly surprised to see a new product from their Perfect Fit line: a Liquid Foundation! I’m a fan of the brand—and I realise this just now—I think their products are great, with straight forward textures and reasonable prices. I have their BB cream, said concealer and a few lipsticks so yeah, why not a foundation?!

ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation, Php495

The ZA Perfect Fit Foundation comes in a tiny shake-bottle with a narrow spout, the kind that’s usually used with watery products. I love that this is small enough to bring for travel/everyday even though it contains a full 30ml of product, your usual foundation/BB cream amount. The spout dispenses the right blob of product neatly so that’s cool too. Overall, purse and travel-friendly!

Perhaps whats more exciting than the bottle is the formula: water-based with hyaluronic acid (aka, the beauty world’s new green tea). It’s a powerful humectant (read: moisture-binding ingredient) that supposedly keeps skin plump+hydrated = young-looking. And now that summer’s starting to make its presence felt, the watery texture couldnt be more perfect!

  • Contains Micro Pink Pearls. Ultra fine pearls emitting diverse kinds of aurora-like light diminish the unevenness of pores. 
  • Oil-free and water based formula. Provides a non-sticky finish that renders face powder unnecessary. 
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Has SPF17, PA++

It comes out really thin in consistency, and spreads like water, not gel or silicon-y, so application on the skin is a breeze (literally and figuratively). It is sheer and very build able, I find that I need to apply a sheer layer for the whole face, then add a second one to areas I need more coverage (around the nose, under eyes, chin). The only downside to having a texture this light (hence, easily absorbed by the skin) is sometimes you tend to over apply. So you have to apply-check-apply-check to ensure natural-looking results. I’m wearing the Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation below with just a dab of the Perfect Fit concealer under my eyes—no powder, blusher,etc.

I picked OC 20, second from the darkest available shade, and what I like about ZA is that for an Asian brand, they offer quite an extensive shade range. I think there are about five or six for this product.

I’ve recently taken on a once-a-week office job, so this is a perfect office makeup base (in rotation with this). Easy to apply, doesn’t require powder touchups, and light enough to wear the whole day! I heart this, and if you’re like me who cannot resist a good, fuss-free base, check it out too!


11 thoughts on “Hearts/Farts: ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation

  1. ZA is such an impressive line, too bad the base shades don’t go dark enough (I have to agree with you, they offer quite more than other Asian brands, but still).

    The foundation looks really nice on you!

    Love the simple style of your blog!


    • I agree. That’s too bad, I’m currently at my lightest and I fit the darkest shade OC30. There’s a lot of Filipinas with deeper skin tone than I have

      • Hello from Manila, Skye! Good thing this foundation is super sheer, you can get away with a lighter shade. 🙂

      • I will definitely do a swatch at my wasting/boots. But still it looks kind of intimidating (I’m usually around MAC’s NC40-42/NW40), haha.
        I’m inevitably a bit lighter now but still…

        I struggled with Asian BB creams so badly, the hightstreet ones just don’t come dark enough… 😦

        But all in all, thank you very much for the thorough review 😀


      • Hi from Manila, Skye! Good thing this sort of makeup is really very sheer so I guess a lot of darker skinned gals can get away with the darkest shade..well I hope! xx

      • Thats usually the case with me and BB creams–i just apply a very small amount and fix with bronzer to kind of bridge the difference. Not ideal but it works somewhat. 😜

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