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Lipstick Lineup: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

Recently, I received these spankin’ new line of lipsticks from Revlon, and I’m sorry if I sound such a sellout, but you know, if there’s any brand that gets me pretty excited about lipsticks … Well, largely because I’m a self-confessed Emma Stone fan, who we all know is Revlon’s brand ambassador for a while now. And guys, admit it, Revlon has the most exciting lip releases in the drugstore today—Matte Balms, Lip Stain Balms, Lip Butters, you name it, I have it!

Today I have four out of the 20 (!) new Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick to show you, and what got me pretty psyched about these is 1) they’re from an entirely new Ultra HD line (of products) and 2) this is what Emma Stone’s wearing at the Oscar’s , a look which I have been obsessing on!

Break free of dull, muted shades and broadcast your lips in high-definition..

  • Wax-free high-definition gel technology delivers true color clarity without heavy feel
  • Irresistible scent of whipped vanilla and cream mango
  • 20 trend-setting shades

First off, these come in a different packaging, a shiny metal ferrule with clear plastic cap which, I have to be honest, isnt the most comfortable lip contraption. You will, at some point, nick the exposed bullet (it doesnt swivel all the way inside) with the cap so you have to be extra careful when replacing it. I think I have to use up this exposed portion quickly  to get it out of the way.

Swatches, left-right: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in HD Dahlia, HD Gladiolus, HD Peony, HD Camilia

But that aside, these lipsticks deliver a very smooth, consistently-pigmented layer that glide over and fill in lip lines. I mean, these swatches  are just one swipe from the bullet! The finish is unlike any other regular lipstick—it’s not sheer nor matte—probably closest to cream, but very lightweight and comfortable. It’s probably the wax-free and gel technology that makes the difference, I don’t know. But this is what’s so fantastic about makeup for me, how the technology and research never stops! We get to experience these mini-revolutionary things first hand, on our lips! I’m wearing the lipstick below in about two coats, the first coat to cover,the second one to build up the color and  touch up on areas I missed.

HD Camilia is toasty, browny nude.

HD Peony is a cool, bright pink.

HD Gladiolus (which Emma’s wearing above) is a bright, warm pinky-red.

HD Dahlia is a deep blue-red.

It has a very obvious and not-faint vanilla+mango scent which is quite delightful but since it lingers for a a while, can get a bit cloying. But I’m not bothered, not when the lipstick looks so good! I’m partial to the darker colors from this bunch, they deliver such vivid, saturated color that feel light on the lips. I mean, if you wanna get/understand the “Ultra HD” on this product, just look at this photo!

The color sets to a moist finish with an almost matte feel which makes it even better in my book. However, it fades a little sooner than what I would prefer. A meal would warrant a reapply. Just the same, I am SO checking out the Revlon counter to get the Emma Stone shade which is HD Tulip. And I have my eye on another shade, so watch out for those!

Have you checked these lipsticks out? Let me know which flower color you’d go for!





PR Sample. Opinions are honest and completely my own.


4 thoughts on “Lipstick Lineup: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

    • They came with the (press kit) pouch!😍 They’re 575 each, let me know what you think of the formula Kari, i found it to be really different-in a good way!😊

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