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On the POP Beauty Launch: Shakeup Your Makeup!

Some weeks ago, I was at the Blo Bar, Mega Fashion Hall for the launch of POP Beauty brought in, again by the it-subscription box company Glamourbox. This event was extra-special to me because I’m going on a different capacity: as a ‘service provider’! I’ll talk about the biz on a separate post, but yep, this here is my new baby!

@popbeautyph LOVES @jujuspaexpress!


Which is not to say I’ve completely thrown in my beauty blogger towel! Lia, CEO of Glamourbox kindly let me try Blo Bar’s service amidst the busy setup, and I did go around to check out POP Beauty goodies. And look, how can you not?!



The gals at Blo gave me “pillow curls” ala “Anne Curtis”. Haha, game! I would be the first to tell you that I almost never get blowouts (only after a hair cut which i get  very rarely). So this is a “blow out” in more sense than one. They were very obliging too, as I told them I need it to be done quickly as my baby daughter was waiting outside with her Dad. So, ta-dah, I was off to another engagement that day (the Art Fair Vernissage) so my hair and oufit kind of looks off here (I did change into something curl-worthy though)! I am still so sorry to miss out on all the fun!


So anyway, I swiped some these photos from POP Beauty Ph’s FacebookPOP Beauty is a UK-based brand that brings with it the essence of pop culture, makeup that  keeps up with the world of fashion, art and music. It challenges you to #shakeupyourmakeup with products that will help you express your individuality, a little free expression and some pretty punk!


Sara Strand—a Swedish-born, London-“grown” singer and internationally acclaimed makeup artist—was on a constant quest to find perfect products, textures and hues to use both in her makeup art an on herself to really POP on stage. After years of dedication to both onstage and backstage scenes in bussing London, and years of makeup development research, Sara introduced POP Beauty. 


POP Beauty strikes me as a fun brand, unintimidating and totally relatable. It’s not scarily “pro” and the colors and textures are all very trendy and current. What I didn’t expect was how good the overall quality was! And the colors, which seemingly look juvenile, translates to a sophisticated, well-thought out palette that I, a 30 y.o. mom-of-1, can totally get into! I was able to take home some of their products that I’ve since used and tested, so watch out for posts on those!


POP has playful and colorful array of nail polishes too! The colors you might not usually go for, but would be pleasantly surprising to try!



Fatima Rabago, model/makeup artist and Lia Ramos, CEO of Glamourbox, the exclusive distributor of POP Beauty in the Ph! 


What do you guys think? Is POP Beauty something you’d be interested to try? I’d say you should be, because I’m that much of a beauty magpie!  But if you’re like me who gets excited over new, bright things that actually work (and fits the budget!), it’s worth checking out!

POP beauty is available at and Glamourbox Landmark Trinoma, Purebeauty, Common Thread and select Snoe stores! 


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