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On the Start of Holiday Cheers: Meet My Beauty Exchange Group!

Over the weekend, I met up with my “Beauty Exchange” group, my friends Kira and Kari who I met years ago through blogging. You probably know Kira as we do regular blog stuff together—she’s behind the lovely blog Elegantly Wasted  a beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle blog. Kari blogs at Pretty Owlsome — currently on hiatus, but you can still read through her posts! (Kira and I have been constantly badgering her about going back to blogging!)

I wish we can do this more often but the reality is, getting three very busy schedules to align for a few hours is a bit of a challenge, more so during the holidaze. Our meetups usually revolve around food, from deciding where to eat to actually eating and sharing it,  conversations and updates about goings on in our lives and of course, beauty! We also exchange stuff, usually of the beauty variety, and talk about new products, new blogs we’re reading—like a live review! Because we really, genuinely like talking about these things, and our common interest in beauty without thinking of each other as “maarte” or vain make our little group really special. 🙂 Oh, there might be a brow session thown in, too!

Brought my brow kit, as per Kari’s request. Brows and buns, y’all!

Here, see, I’m using the Eye of Horus Brow Define it’s perfect for detail work! I also want to show Kira that I really love them, hehehe!

Ta-dah! Cutie Kari with her groomed brows—my Christmas gift to her, I jest!
Thank you girls for the fun time! I look forward to many years of friendship and beauty-geeking with you! xx

Who takes a group pic of their lipsticks?! We do. #beautygeeks

All photos are by Kira!


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