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Hearts/Farts: Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define Pencil

When news of the Eye of Horus brow pencils hit my Instagram feed (that’s @anartechoke), I was fraught with excitement! Eye of Horus is one of my favourite beauty brands, specially since they make fantastic pencils—my makeup form of choice.

So I’m extremely lucky (and grateful!) that Kira of Elegantly Wasted shared one of her pencils with me, as this is yet to be available on the market, meaning, I cant get my grubby hands on them right away! She sent me the shade Nile (for review and swatches of all three pencils, check out Kira’s post here):

Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define Pencil in Nile, price to follow at Glamourbox

PACKAGING. The EOH Brow Define comes in a slim, plastic twist-up pen with a brush/spoolie on the other end. It has 0.08g of product, much like a MAC Brow Pencil, but with a very, very fine tip.

I like this type of packaging as it’s handy, light, and doesnt take up much space in my bulging makeup purse. A light pencil means I wont have a hard time drawing light strokes since I dont have to grip it so hard. And can we take a moment to discuss the brush? A slim, dense spoolie with short hairs, this brush has got to be one of the better brushes I have come across. Because it’s slim, it gets exactly to where I want it to go, and because it’s dense so the blending gets done well and fast. I can also actually see the brow I’m working on, not covered by the brush I’m using—precise and efficient!

COLOR & TEXTURE. Nile is the Medium/Dark shade, and the darkest of the three EOH Brow Defines. It pulls a bit warm on me, maybe because of the natural daylight, but is actually an ashy/grayish brown. I only used the pencil, no other products on my brows below.

Because this type of brow product is a slim-type/small-point pencil, I use it to draw “brow hairs” rather than to shade the whole brow in (there’s only so little product in it, anyway). It is, afterall, a defining pencil, so I use light, feathery strokes only on sparse areas, the inner part of my brow (close to the nose) and the tail. The hard, not too pigmented lead allows me enough control on the pressure I want to draw with. It doesn’t skid either.

I actually been enjoying the bushy/not-solid/super-defined brow look lately. I dont know if it’s just a trend, but I’m liking the more natural, lived-in, softer looking brows—and this pencil gives me exactly that!

WEAR. This stays put well, well into the night, when I took it off with cleansing water. That was about 8 hours of wear, and it kept my brows shape and shade decently, even without mascara (which I always put on top) or powder.

All in all, I heart the Eye of Horus Ultimate Brow Define Pencil for drawing brows! It’s very precise, with a natural shade and superb marking texture. If you have brows that don’t need too much tweaking, or if like me, you want to beef them up to look naturally full, have a look at this. Oh, I also love the packaging and the brush, which I would definitely keep even after finishing the pencil end. I just wish there’s more product in there! This will be available at Glamourbox soon, so if you’re interested, follow Eye of Horus Philippines on Facebook (@eyeofhorusph on IG).


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