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QMP: 6 Product Face

I have posts that might be way more interesting to you than of me preening in front of the camera..but. This is easy, and I can chat my merry way through the end! I wore this look for our usual Sunday lunch at the in-laws. I have been keeping my makeup routine quick and simple, as I’m still exclusively taking care of the baby (turned one month last week!)

I’ve recently unearthed my Dr.Jart’s Black Label BB Cream, which is what I’m using for as a base. This is a thick and quite gummy cream, which is typical Korean BB. Unfortunately, it is too light and cool for my skin tone, which is why I probably I shelved it. With it, I’m using a ZA concealer which covers my dark under eyes very well—I highly recommend! For the cheeks, I’m using the HerBench Cheek Tint, an unsung hero in my kit!


I also haven’t properly groomed my brows since I gave birth, so I just brush on some MAC Pro Longwear Brow Set. I’m cool with the bushy brow look, ill deal with them later! It’s also just Maybelline Great Lash for my lashes.


Because I kept everything simple, I can indulge in my lipstick choice! I’ve been busting out some unused lippies from my stash (see some swatches, here), and for this day, I chose Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Fascinante. This for me, is my most classic red lipstick, color-wise. However, I’m not so convinced by the effect of this, it applies like a dream, but I have to layer a couple of times to get an even effect, and it doesn’t matte out completely. Matter of preference, maybe?



So there you have it,a variation of my 6-product face. I miss toying with makeup, I really do. But with nowhere to go and no time to waste, that is proving to be a very challenging thing! Keep coming back though, I have some reviews lined up!



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