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Hearts/Farts: HD Mascara and Precision Eyeliner by Browhaus

I wrote about the launch a few posts back, now I review the products! I actually started writing this review early, but I still have yet to take decent photos of me wearing them. Ah, the life of a [pregnant] blogger! As you probably know, I’m nearing my due date so I’m staying put. That means, no makeup, and well even if I had to, I’m hardly up for it most days anyway.. But, because I care about you, I have to try and squeeze in as many reviews as I can before I deliver. And oh, as a side note, you can follow me on Instagram [at]anartechoke for some “micro-blogging” stuff!


So, on to the double review! For those who aren’t familiar with Browhaus, it is a premier brow salon with branches here in Manila, Singapore, etc. They offer everything, from simple brow shaping to advanced brow resurrection procedures. Which is why, the launch of cosmetic products, and not even for the brows, is quite interesting! But then again, if you walk out of their salon with perfect arches already, your lashes and eyes should follow suit, yes?


The HD Mascara and Precision Eyeliner by Browhaus are products specific to making your eyes look at their best minimumβ€”by precision and in high definition. You probably know by now my default makeup is eyeliner and mascara, and really, personally, if you’ve mastered this look well, you dont need much else! A perfectly executed lined eye with lush lashes are for me, the building blocks of a great eye makeup, you can pretty much pair it with other eyeshadow blending shalala you can think of!


HD Mascara by Browhaus, Php998


As is customary, I’ll be reviewing this mascara in three points: the brush, the formula and wear.

BRUSH. My first impression upon pulling out the wand from the tube was how thick and tightly packed the bristles are-you can hardly make out the individual brush hairs! Applying it, therefore, is a bit of a challenge as it’s challenging to get the brush to reach my lashes. But I finally got the hang of it, and understood why that is! First, you have to rest the brush on the base of the lashes and wiggle/zigzag your way out. That way, you catch them at the roots. The bristles are that way because if you do it right, it will coax the littlest and all lash hairs out, giving it a multiplying effect! You know how some mascara just lumps your lashes together into several spikes? This does the opposite. And that gives it the HD effect! Amazeballs, if you ask me!

FORMULA. The HD Mascara is a bit on the dry side, which works since you have to maneuver it around your lashes. Imagine if it were wet-you’d end up with smudges all over! This also makes it easier to buildup, I didn’t notice annoying clumps while I’m at it too. I really like applying this mascara because of these reasons, and as a bonus, it helps keep the curl on my lashes somewhat. It dries light and fluttery .


WEAR. This is waterproof, and is the type you can forget about once it sets. No smudging underneath, keeps the whole day I’m wearing it, even survived an afternoon nap. No complaints there! Although I need an oil-based makeup remover and some working up to take this off, it isn’t the easiest thing to take off.


Precision Eyeliner by Browhaus in Black and Brown, Php750


The Precision Eyeliner, on the other hand, is a dinky, slinky small pen with a fine felt tip. Yes, smaller that those brush-pen types. It delivers an opaque, thin line of pigment which makes it ideal for faking that lash line (you know, the no-liner look) and actually, faking bottom lash hairs. This being made in Japan also, makes the formula at par with our cult favorites–same longevity, wear and effect.


As an added bonus, and while I have been vocal about my non-preference for felt-tips, the hard tip makes it possible for me to jab that pen into the tightest corners, underneath and in between the lashes, on my waterline. The soft brush-tip pens tend to bend when you try these sort of things, so I really appreciate that about the Precision Liner. I also don’t worry so much about hurting myself as the tip is really small.


This is easy-ish to remove, most cleansing water/oils will do the trick. Sometimes, if your eyes water a lot, that might wash the line off specially the tail ends. I usually just retouch those bits and all will be well again!


Overall, I heart both these Browhaus products! The HD Mascara and Precision Liners are top-quality, high-performing products that aren’t just fancy or gimmicky. I also like the graphic packaging that’s both elegant and fun. It’s fairly priced and although you might say there are tons of similar products on the market, it’s always great to stumble upon possible HG (holy grail) material than those try-and-toss aside varieties. You might actually end up spending less!

Both products are available at Browhaus branches at Serendra, Greenbelt 5, Lucky Chinatown, SM Mega Fashion Hall, and Abreeza Davao. You can check out their Facebook here.

PR Sample. Opinions are honest and my own.Β 


3 thoughts on “Hearts/Farts: HD Mascara and Precision Eyeliner by Browhaus

  1. The mascara looks very similar to Inglot’s mascara that’s out of stock. It has the same slim wand + dense and short-bristled brush. This one by browhaus is more expensive but at least now I know another one like that of Inglot exists.

    • Hi, Rae, yeah I wish this was more competitively priced, but it really is very good so I guess it’s somehow justified. 😐 Haha, you know what I haven’t stepped inside Inglot yet, I’ve been meaning to, but I keep forgetting!

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