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On Modern Day Fairytales: The Heroine Make Product Launch

Some weeks back, I was again invited by Mandom Corp. via Liz to the launch of cult Japanese drugstore makeup brand, Heroine Make! I feel that if you’re an Asian beauty nut like me, this brand needs no further introduction. If you make your pilgrimage to Sasa and Watsons in Hong Kong, Bangkok or Singapore you cant miss the vintage and melodramatic appeal of that Japanese princess! You haven’t seen her yet? Well read if you wanna meet her!


The afternoon tea party was held at the Makati Shangrila Hotel, complete with a small orchestra set up at that! It was the perfect set up to learn about the Japanese makeup brand that has been turning women into princesses since 2005! The brand actually  began with only three eye products, the Long and Curl Mascara, Smooth Liquid Eyeliner and Quick Eyebrow Pencil, all inspired by the big, beautiful eyes of the classic shoujo (Japanese women’s comics) heroine. Fans of manga should know that Heroine Make’s design is heavily influenced by vintage shoujo, when heroines were at their most romantic and their most emotional!

And the heroine of Heroine Make, the brand’s poster princess, Elizabeth Himeko, the ever beautiful princess who empowers women to be their own heroines, and to look beautiful, always! You can see (illustrations of) her in every Heroine Make packaging, where her crying, laughing and swooning expressions indicate that the products work, no matter what state you are into!

Can you see the vintage shoujo style of Princess Himeko?


Look, she even graced us with her presence at the brand launch! Haha, that was a fun surprise! 


Not only did the Princess herself showed up, she brought in tow Japanese makeup artist and beauty counsellor Sayuri Igarashi! She’s been in the business for 25 years! She doesn’t look it, but she’s well into her 50s, and the secret, she says, is sunblock! (i-told-you-so) She’s very entertaining, but very informative too!


That afternoon, she demonstrated two looks using the brand’s best-sellers. If you’ve ever wondered why/how the Japanese look the way they do, it’s really because of the products they use, and their fun approach to makeup.



The lovely, romantic setup at the launch–one can’t help but feel girly and giddy! 


As much as I love my Team B ladies, I hate posing with them! Nicole makes me look stout, and Tina makes me look tiny! Ugh! :p


Check out the Heroine Make stand filled with all their goodies! They also sell dolly-inspired falsies, BB creams and powder compacts!


The very gracious Princess made sure we had a box of treats to take home. I’ll do a ‘reveal’ post and maybe a rundown of some of their products. They’re really very good, cross my heart!


If you can’t wait, check out Heroine Make in major Watsons branches, or visit their Facebook page, 


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