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On A Buzzing Birthday Blowout: Burt’s Bees is 30 Years Old!

Hi guys, I want to share with you snaps and stories from when I attended Burt’s Bees’ 30th anniversary! I’m really happy (and honored!) to be invited to their events as they’re always well-thought of, intimate and fun! Also, like I told you in my previous post, I’ve started a love affair with their products so I’m always glad to know more about the brand.

They even sent a proper, enveloped invite via courier, look! Ever wonder who’s that guy on the tin cap?


The party was held at Seda Hotel, and right away, this is what greeted us: a make-your-own-flavored-water station. What a marvelous idea!


As a pregnant woman, I’m always  thirsty, so water + lemon and orange slices + a dollop of honey + sprig of mint is such a bonus!


Tadah, my own bottle of flavored water!


What a cool feature wall! I actually just realized that I also turned 30 this year! We’re the same age!


Too pretty not to photo-op with! Haha! Here’s big-ol-me with Kira!


And you know what else is cool—this display is made up of live, raw, Burt’s Bees-preferred ingredients! Check out the detail! The number “0” is beeswax! (Though Kira thought it was a pizza dough, hahaha)



After everyone’s settled, the program started with a few words from the Burt’s Bees team.


Oh hey, there’s Burt. Yes, the bearded man is real. He is Burt Shavitz, a war veteran who took to the countryside to raise bees and sell honey. A chance meeting with artist Roxanne Quimby led to a fruitful partnership of selling bee by-products, and fast-forward to 30 years later, to the Burt’s Bees we love and have today. Burt is quite a character—at 79 years old, he still lives, to this day, on a house with wood-fired stoves and no heated water. It is inspiring to learn of his humble beginnings and lifestyle choice, and how success can stem from a just  really great products.


Burt’s Bees has come a long way from honey and candles. In fact, after 30 years, they have expanded the brand into 6 no-nonsense skin-care lines.


Radiance – infused with royal jelly, a special ingredient packed with essential nutrients and vitamins for your skin for a radiant glow.

Daisy White – features daisy white extract from the Macedonian region naturally has whitening properties that is perfect for you who seek a fairer, more even complexion. (review, here)

Acne Solutions – an effective acne-fighting system that naturally zaps those unwanted impurities with a powerful dose of willow bark extract, which has salicylic acid.

Intense Hydration – for complexions with a need for deep replenishing, formulated with clary sage, a plant which is known for its water-retention properties as it is a plant that thrives even in the harsh desert climate.

Sensitive – has cotton extract to address those with a delicate complexion

Naturally Ageless – made with pomegranate extract which promises an even more youthful appearance.

I have checked out these products at my nearby Beauty Bar, and I like how everything looks! I have a few items on my list already, although they don’t come exclusively from a specific range. Again, like I’ve been going on and on here on the blog, I love how Burt’s Bees offer honest-to-goodness natural products, with ingredients you can spell. It’s no marketing BS, you can go check out their stuff and read the labels yourself. While you’re at it, smell them too, they make  the best-smelling products, I swear!


After a rather engaging presentation (I’m really curious to watch the upcoming documentary on Burt) we were treated yet again, to an activity this time! You must know Liz (of  Project Vanity),  and she is now so into the arts and fast-becoming a good (if I may say so) watercolor artist herself! She did a quick demo of watercolor basics for us, it was really so much fun!


This isn’t my first run-in with watercolor, it was mandatory for rendering and presentation classes in architecture school, but I never got into it as I prefer other (faster) medium. But I have to admit picking up that brush again and playing with it gave me a new sense of appreciation for watercolor—and it’s so relaxing!


And finally, food! I just like taking pictures of what I eat—sorry, I know that’s kind of  démodé now or whatever  but it makes me happy looking at good food! Thanks Burt for the treat! 😀


And, this my watercolor ‘masterpiece’—they told us to do still life! Again, thanks to Burt’s Bees Philippines and Liz for having me! I had a great time! Do check them out at Beauty Bar outlets, on Facebook and Instagram!



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