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On A Pixy Cosmetics Roundup: First Impressions and a QMP

Following my Pixy Event post, I’d now like to quickly share with you their products! As I told you last time, we were given “Pixy pails” containing a sampling of Pixy cosmetics offerings. This is my first time to try them out and as such, I’m very excited! There’s something to be said about “meeting” a makeup line for the first time, and the feeling never gets old.

Anyway, Pixy Cosmetics is a Japanese brand manufactured in Indonesia which flatters skin tones, while infusing the same light-reflecting, skin-perfecting properties making Japanese cosmetics high in demand. The packaging and branding suggests products that are wearable and made affordable for lady-like, trendy gals, although I don’t mind reaching out for these myself (being beyond the ‘gal’ stage).


For this quick look, I only used the Pixy products above (except for the brows). I’ll walk you through the products as I applied them.

For the base, I used the lighter of the two powders, the Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in White Porcelain as that seemed to match my skin tone better. I applied this, dry-method, using the sponge it came with. The coverage is quite impressive for powder, and long wearing too! I almost forgot how nice powder foundations work—I’ve been using BB creams and liquid foundations too long. I really like the finish, it’s soft and velvety although I use a separate clean buffing brush to even out/thin out the powder. Also, make sure your face is completely dry/moisturize completely absorbed by the skin before applying powders to avoid patchy application. This product is a keeper, ill be sure to use this when I feel lazy/sticky to apply a liquid base, plus this has an SPF20!


Next, for the eyes, the Pixy Sparkling Gold Eye Shadow comes in a duo of shimmery gold and charcoal. I applied the gold as a soft wash all over my lids, then defined my lashline and crease with the charcoal shade. I wasn’t too keen on this product as I find the eyeshadow too softly pigmented and a bit powdery. For this subtle effect, I have to go over repeat application several times. But methinks this could be good news to makeup newbies/youngsters who are just starting to play with makeup—this means you have more room for error, and you if you have a heavy hand, it’ll still come out softly.


Then I applied two coats of Pixy Waterproof Mascara on my lashes. The formula is nice and black, with just the right amount of wetness (some mascara tend to be to goopy or liquid). I specially like the brush, a thin curved one, that delivers just the right amount of product from the root of the lashes and out. I haven’t tried layering it on for drama, so I just got natural, not too thick/long lashes. It comes off easily with an oil-based remover.


For the cheeks I used the Pixy Blush On in Brown Tea, a terracotta-tinged peach with shimmer. At first I was afraid it looked (too) brown, but upon application and sheering out, it gives a flattering definition and highlight-I’d say a nice color for Filipina skin. I hope this kind of color makes it to several Pinays’ kits, instead of the bright, cool pinks that look off with our warm Asian skin! The texture isn’t the most finely milled though, and it’s quite a challenge to load a proper sized blush brush from that itty-bitty pan. (Obviously you shouldn’t use the teeny blush brushes products come with, unless you’re a pro, to avoid looking streaky!)


Lastly, for the lips, the Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick Satin in Autumn Apricot. This is such a friendly color, pretty and very easy to apply and wear. I like that the silky texture delivers an even amount of color and controlled shine. Vitamin E and Almond oil help give a comfortable feel on the lips. I really like this lipstick, and aside from the powder foundation, this is my favorite from the bunch!

I think the bestest part is that Pixy Cosmetics are very reasonably priced—perfect for budding makeup enthusiasts, students, employees and moms on a budget, etc. I know for most of us makeup isn’t exactly a priority, but being “beautiful” should be! Oh, you know what I mean.. Anyway, I’m glad we get more quality options now on the drugstore front, hooray for Asian makeup! You can follow  Pixy Cosmetics online (FacebookTwitterInstagram) or better yet check them out at Watson’s store near you!


PR Sample. Opinions are honest and my own. 


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