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On Sweet Treats and Saccharine Smells: Nina Ricci’s La Tentation de Nina Event

Last week, I was invited by the lovely people of Prestige Brands to the blogger launch of Nina Ricci’s newest fragrance, La Tentation de Nina. The event had to be rescheduled actually, as typhoon Glenda happened, but I’m glad I was able to make it nonetheless—it being my first fragrance event!



The event took place at a lovely little patisserie called Poetry and Prose, over at the Shangrila Mall, all dolled up with the perfume’s signature fuchsia and gold. See, it was strange but I was really excited to smell the thing! Attending a fragrance event is different, I realised, coz it stirs something in me that is beyond the visual..like my nose was on hyper-alert. Suddenly it wasn’t enough to see it, I have to smell it too!!




But it was not yet time! The lovely host walked us through the evolution of the Nina scent, and there is, in fact a story to it all. Their newest offering, the La Tentation de Nina, is a limited edition scent developed with the renowned French patisserie Laduree, basing it from, what else, but macaron!



It’s actually kind of strange to be mixing desserts and perfume but actually, taste is a largely dependent on smell. You can’t enjoy one without the other, come to think of it! Just how a crunchy, pillowy, sweet macaron smells like, I’m curious and about to find out!


When the actual La Tentation de Nina bottles have finally been served with the special raspberry macaron, I was almost imagining scents! And tastes, actually, as the sweet flavors of the macaron in my mouth mingle with the complex notes of the perfume. The scent did not disappoint..it’s a fun, bright scent! I can definitely sense the Laduree in there! I’ll probably have to talk about it in detail on a later post..


Well, there were other things that made it to my mouth as well, afternoon tea service served by Poetry and Prose:


Up next was a quick game of what’s-in-it: we were given strips of paper sprayed with different fragrance notes to try and guess which three are in the perfume. The choices were rose, vanilla, coffee, pink grapefruit, raspberry, macaron accord, jasmine, lemon and cinnamon. I tell you, after sniffing all those notes, I’m heady with sweet smells I can swear all of them are in the perfume! In the end, I chose macaron (a giveaway, really!), raspberry and lemon.


And I got it about right! La Tentation de Nina is balanced mix of fresh, floral and fruity—a fragrance as though it was a macaron, and a macaron like a perfume. The macaron accord scent (rose, raspberry, lemon and almond notes) has been married to the distinctly singular signature of Nina perfumes.

Here’s 7-month moi with tea-mate and friend Kira (aka macaron-monster) of Elegantly Wasted. Matching stripes (not planned!)!IMG_0233

Overall, what a lovely and fun event, rainy weather be damned! It’s perfect for tea and chit chat, actually!


We got to take home our very own bottle WITH a huge macaron. The macaron’s obviously gone by now, but I’ve been using the scent so I should be able to describe how it wears to you in better detail next time. It’ll be my first fragrance review, if ever, and I’m already stressing (in a good way) about how to go about it! I’ll do my best! Catch up with you later!



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