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Hearts/Farts: MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set

About a month or so ago, I bought a tube of this newly launched, reformulated Brow Set from MAC. It came in new colors together with the old but much-raved about Fluidline Gel Crème (those that came in pots).


MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Red Chestnut, Php1000

The new MAC PLWBS (for short) came in a on opaque, color-matching tube similar in size and shape with the old Brow Set, and with one huge difference: the wand! I was overjoyed to see a smaller, conical shaped wand that 1) dispenses a smaller amount of product and 2) I can actually use to directly apply the product with. My biggest bane with the old Brow Set is how huge and impossible the wand was, I usually just use it to get some product out and apply/blend it with a separate, less gunky spoolie.


The product itself is a less thicker gel than the old Brow Set. It’s actually like a slightly thickened liquid and this makes for a much easier application—you don’t get clumps of it on your brow hairs. The wand, as I earlier mentioned, does a fine job of delivering what little product it has, while at the same time moving the hairs to and fro, whichever way you want them to go. I also like the fact that this contains less shimmer and is therefore friendlier for everyday use.

The next challenge was to get a color-match. I have to say MAC did not make this very easy..(as much as their old brow products, the Gel Crème and Veluxe Brow Pencils). There was a darker, but much redder shade and a taupe but a bit yellow-y effect. In the end, I chose Red Chestnut, a light but warm/coppery brown which  I always get brow mascaras in a shade lighter than my hair color, but the undertones in this particular product line seem problematic to me!


In these photos, I used a brow pencil to give my brows a bit of shape and sharpness and then the MAC PLWBS to shade and set my brow hairs. It does come out too warm (red) in certain lighting—I actually prefer cool  taupey-brows but I’m willing to forego that given that this holds the brows really well in place. I get my brows to go up and out, wherever I want them. DSC_2295

As for it being waterproof, I did wear it to swimming class and as long as you don’t [physically]  wipe it down/off, it stays there.


I use this frequently, and I can say I heart it enough—definitely more than my MAC Brow Set! It is certainly more expensive than other brow mascaras which you can get for a quarter of its price, so it all depends on your budget. Given its pigment and hold, this can be used on it’s own so that’s another factor worth considering. If you’re low maintenance on brows, it might be wise to splurge more for this product (there is always a price to pay..).

Have you tried these new Brow Sets? And given that I’m such a brow geek, what brow mascara do you like using?


4 thoughts on “Hearts/Farts: MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set

  1. Hay nakooo. They finally addressed all the issues with the old brow set and I’m so regretting that I bought mine (girl boy). I can’t even use it ’cause my brows are too thin and they can’t hold all the goop 😦

    • I have Girl Boy too Tellie..pat, pat. 😦 Try using a separate spoolie na lang to apply and blend it with, that usually works for me.

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