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On Burt’s Bees Daisy White: All Things Bright and Wonderful

Some (too many) weeks ago, I have been invited by Liz to a the first ever Burt’s Bees Beauty Bloggers Bash—it was to launch their new skin care line called Daisy White. If you are a beauty bird like me, flitting in and out of say, Beauty Bar, you would have seen these wonderful products on display already.


The event was held at Le Jardin, at the top of the W Building at the Bonifacio Global City. What a perfect choice of venue! Everything looks bright and white and crisp! I was promptly ushered in to an adjoining room for a hair (and flower crown-making!) and photo session—the result of which, I’ll show you later.IMG_0408

The tables were thoughtfully laid out with the products so we can play with them while everything else was happening! Of course, I touched the products even before I touched my food! It was a no-brainer!

The Daisy White Brightening Collection is a complete line of products that offer the perfect natural brightening solution specially designed for Asian women. It is formulated with the white beauty of the Daisy Flower Extract and other natural ingredients that help brighten and even skin tone for creating the look of translucent skin!


No daisies were hurt in this project! The flowers are sustainably sourced from the higher mountain regions of Macedonia. By collecting only the flowers, the plants keep their viability and continue to live.

I tried the Daisy White Moisturizing Cream, a lightweight face cream that promises to moisturize  and visibly even skin tone while improving  surface dullness and overall appearance of skin. I was convinced by this light, non-greasy and mildly scented cream. It went on smoothly and left my hands supple throughout.


Another product that blew me away, was the Daisy White Serum, clinically proven to visibly brighten skin and help diminish  the appearance of pigmentation and discoloration to even skin tone. Well, mostly, I was just taken by the watery texture of this product—it  is refreshing, like daisy water on skin! Because it was still summer then, you can imagine how everyone wanted it at first sight!IMG_0445

What’s so so good about Burt’s Bees products is how they are committed to using only the most natural products (no alien ingredients you cant read/spell so much!). That means a lot to me specially now that I’m pregnant. I’m not very OA but I put a lot of consideration with the products that I put on my skin (which will be absorbed by my body and will/might find its way to my, eh, placenta?). That said, it’s so wonderful to read through Burt’s Bees ingredients list!


See, all their products come with a Percentage of Natural-ness. They are good enough to eat (you can actually ingest them, they are that safe!).


Speaking of eating, lunch is here!


Thanks Burt’s Bees and Liz for inviting me to such a fun and breezy event! I learned so much, and I brought home some products too (which have totally overtaken my skin care routine!). Also, it’s always nice to meet with friends once more! Here I am with Tellie and Kira.


I don’t have snaps with my Team B girls, Tina and Nicole, hopefully you’ll see us in their posts!

Lastly, here is my portrait taken by Ms. Shaira Luna. Thank you Shaira and Ms. May Samson of Burt’s Bees! Daisy flowers peace out to all! 🙂

PS. I’m 4 months preggo in this photo! Betcha can’t tell! 😉

AE Pastrana



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