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On Other Matters: Blog Announcement


When I started this blog and soon after it started to shape up, my intention for it has been clear: I want a beauty blog, an online platform where I can write, share and engage with other people who love makeup as much as I do. I have always been conscious about oversharing, in fact, I try to avoid it altogether. I may share an odd FOTD, food, travel or dog post once in a while because while I want to [almost] strictly talk about beauty, I still want to inject some spontaneity on the blog—there is a person behind these posts, and this person is carrying another now!

I was conflicted about sharing news of my pregnancy, firstly because it is a very personal matter. Secondly, when I told blog friend Kira about it, her question “are you going to be a mommy blogger?”  struck me as odd. It never occurred to me, and I never can imagine myself being a mommy blogger because this is not what this blog means to me, aka, I still want to talk about makeup without the added guilt of being a mom who should be fawning over a child instead of blogging. So, no go.

But I feel like I should tell you because it will affect this blog, mostly schedule wise. Blog posts will be erratic, I am still adjusting to being pregnant –some days, smiling in front of a camera wearing lipstick seems farthest from my mind. I might have to start  being picky with the products that I use, for now. I would have to beg off certain events and reviews. Later on, I might not be comfortable showing my pregnant face for all of you to see. So I am asking for your understanding.

I have no idea how this ride’s gonna go but I will try my best to keep posting until I can. To assure you, my interest in beauty has not waned one bit! Now if only I can stay up and awake long enough to write!

That’s all! Please keep checking in—I should have a post or two within the week!

Ae xx


12 thoughts on “On Other Matters: Blog Announcement

  1. Wooo congrats!~ Motherhood is definitely not for everyone; I definitely didn’t think it was for me tbh. But it has unexpected rewards and I don’t regret it one bit! Welcome to the club~ 🙂

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