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Hearts/Farts: Pixi Eye Bright Liner

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m very fond of the cat eye liner look. It’s almost a default, really–I’m more likely to detail lines with an eyeliner than to blend out shades from eyeshadow palette (which is actually a pity! Anyway.). BUT, I have found ways to amp up this look subtly and not so subtly. Today, it’s about the former. The subtle eyeliner level-up trick, using (while reviewing!) this product:DSC_0281

Pixi Eye Bright Liner in No.1 Nude, Php840.00 at

This brand best-seller comes in a nifty, slim, self-sharpening, twist-up pen form. I’d like to extoll the self-sharpening bit as it really a helpful feature when doing the waterline. It’s the perfect shape every time, fits just right in that tricky area (I apply mine at an angle so I don’t get poked by the tip). The texture is on the soft side so it doesn’t hurt when you apply it on the waterline, I know how icky that is if you’re not used to it.  But apart from all of that, the Pixi Eye Bright Liner is unique in that it’s not really, actually nude…it’s peach!  DSC_0298

You’d think a peach eyeliner would be too well, peachy for the lower waterline. But what it does it that it actually counteracts the color of your under eyes and [the whites of your] eyes giving you a more awake, refreshed look. See? I like that it looks natural enough and not too white/yellow/bright on my eyes.DSC_2137

And so, that’s how I take my eyeliner look further—by lining my lower waterline with a nude liner! The black of the liner looks blacker and crisper, and the mascara I apply look better as well. I also like the Mod reference, and I am, if anything, old-fashioned when it comes to music and makeup. DSC_2132

You’d think such a silly little thing wouldn’t make much of a difference but it does. I also use the Eye Bright Liner-trick with eye shadow for daytime looks. It gives it such a fresh punctuation. This liner marks well, it is creamy and opaque in one go and lasts pretty long too, longer than the regular concealer pencils I’ve used before.DSC_2133

I heart the Pixi Eye Bright Liner, I can see why it’s such a popular product! It’s high-performing, easy to use, with immediate and flattering results. I’m sure you can find a cheaper, more accessible alternative but the color of this product is quite unique. If you favor natural, fresh, simple looks, it’s worth the slight investment.

PS. Here’s a Snapshot post showing another variation to the look!


PR Sample. Opinions are honest and my own.


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