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Hearts/Farts: Bourjois Java Rice Powder

Hello, hello! Back from the caves, seem like! Please bear with me, I try, I really do! Anyway, I have a long overdue review for you today.

Because I heard this seemed like a good dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Powders which I sorely missed out on, I asked my sister abroad to mule this for me in one of her trips back to Manila. But really, it’s a bit unfair to relegate this as a dupe when it’s been around for almost a century!


Image: http://www.letzmakeupblog.com

Bourjois celebrates its 150th anniversary with a reinvented vintage edition of its first historical best-seller*: Java Rice Powder.

A delicately scented feather-light powder that lights up and smoothes complexion in one step. Its radiant and velvety finish immediately creates a youthful glow.

One translucent shade is universal and lights up all skin tones.


Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java/Java Rice Powder, Universal Illuminating Powder, 3.5 grams

The powder comes in a small plastic tub with graphics inspired by/similar to the original and now vintage tins these powders came in. I love how Bourjois managed to keep the look of the original product but with the practicality of modern materials. (I would, of course, still prefer to have the tin one, he he!) It comes with a plastic swivel-type sifter cover to keep the powder in place.


I actually only cut half the adhesive cover as I don’t want that much product out, I’m also a terrible with loose powder user, so that’s an added precaution! The powder is silky fine and mildly scented and has a pale rosy hue. It’s supposed to be universal, and although not the white-kind-of-translucent, powders of this texture almost always seem to apply as such.


Here’s a swatch in natural day light—the light powder packs on serious shimmer, although as the upper part of the swatch shows, can be sheered out to a more manageable sheen.


So, to illustrate how glowy this powder can make me get I applied it all over my foundation with a not-so-light hand. I wanted to see if I can get away with that much shimmer on my face. I also, of course, want to see the full effect so no use being coy about it. DSC_0218

The powder gave my face a noticeable glow, without getting an oily “vibe”. I’ve had my fair share of finishing powders and I’m quite familiar with the diffused glow/soft focus effect. This is no exception, and I might say gives an even more pronounced bling. It translates well in person and in photos, I did notice any distracting flash backs.


If applied sparingly, the powder seems to meld on the skin upon application. But since I applied a lot on these photos, you can see uneven patches on my forehead (which I probably missed). I find that it’s best to use a big fluffy brush to apply this with so you can cover bigger areas, lightly. I don’t see significant oil control properties with this powder, but gives the makeup such a pretty finish that it almost doesn’t seem to matter. The glow lasts until you face oils get the better of it, which on me, is about  4-5 hours. Oh and I also tend to press down my makeup with a blotting paper vs. applying face powder over it so I can preserve said effect.


All those said, I heart the Bourjois Java Rice Powder! I love the history and heritage behind it and the fact that after all these years, we girls still go for the same things and the same effect! I recommend it (and hopefully you can get it!) to those who want to add a little special something-something to your makeup/look. It’s something nice to finish off with, like a sprinkle of magic dust before heading off to the ball!


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