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On Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation: The Second Time Around

I’m realizing that I fancy high-end foundations. Whenever I find myself looking at drugstore variants, at the back of  my mind, there’s a tiny nudge to just save the money and get something from a “luxury” brand that I know I want to get. I’m not like this with any other makeup items, in fact, you know how I love me a lot of drugstore stuff.

One brand that I really love is Koh Gen Do, a Japanese HD makeup brand. I currently own the Aqua Foundation in OC-2, and the Maifanshi Moisture Foundation and Powder. A recent sale (to make way for the new, reformulated Aqua Foundation) prompted me to get a second bottle.


Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in OC-1, Php1500~ (discounted from Php2700)


I was in a bind, I did not know what to get. I already found my perfect match in OC-2, but I did not want to get the same shade. It was down to the other yellow-based OC-1 or OC-3. In the end, I chose OC-1 as I figured the bigger shade variance can allow me to mix up the two for a custom shade. OC-2 and OC-3 look almost the same shade-wise, so I wont get as wide range of combinations.DSC_2134

These Aqua Foundations come in a heavy frosted glass bottle with a metal cap and plastic pump nozzle. The pump dispenses just the right amount of product, and well, the bottle is just really classy. A bit heavy and not so ideal to bring along, but I never seem to need to anyway.


Both foundations come in of course, the same texture but swatch largely differently, shade-wise. While OC-2 is deep, ochre-based flesh tone, OC-1 comes out relatively pale and slightly yellow-based. It does seem too light for my complexion at first glance, but I tried it on at the store and waited for the color to set and oxidize.


Somehow this blends to just about the right shade on me, and if it does appear light, it looks more of the brighter kind. I was afraid it’ll look mask-like, but it oxidizes a bit, and the glow this foundation gives makes up for any color discrepancies. It looks more forgiving in person than in photos, and anyway I can take down the shade a notch by applying a bronzer/contour powder.DSC_0171

I have long been a fan of this foundation’s easy finish, as is the same case here, the product is a breeze to apply with bare fingers given the creamy liquid texture. Once you’ve got everything covered, it sets quickly leaving a dewy but non-sticky finish. I have no problems building it up too, but I like to wear my bases thin and even so I rarely do layers. A tiny amount of concealer is necessary to even out my under eyes and sides of the nose.


I find that I rarely feel the need to set this with powder and even so, I get hours of decent wear. Koh Gen Do’s Aqua Foundation for me remains the best casual/formal foundation in that I can wear it for easy no-makeup-makeup days just as well as for dressier, makeup-y ones. It’s the perfect balance between comfort and coverage, dewy and matte—I really love it!


Have you tried Koh Gen Do? How about the reformulated Aqua Foundation? What did you think of it? I don’t seem to want their color cosmetics although the lipsticks are tempting and the eye shadows feel buttery.


11 thoughts on “On Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation: The Second Time Around

    • Hey Wiji! OC-2 is my bestest match! Yeah the lipsticks are kinda expensive, so I hope those go on super sale in the near future too! 🙂

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