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Hearts/Farts: Eye Of Horus Goddess Pencils

Before the holidaze so unapologetically barged its way in on us, I have been busy writing reviews for products that I have long been enjoying—case in point, these Eye of Horus pencils.  I’m sorry it has taken me quite some time to talk about them, but believe me I have never forgotten about these as I am always using them!


Eye Of Horus Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil and Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil, Php990 at and Snoe Beauty


I have reviewed the Liquid Define pen so I now want to talk about the pencils. Initially, there was one, the Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil–a black kohl which I have read so many good reviews on. I was one of the lucky ones to get to preview the launch of the other colored variants last year too.


I got to take home the Bronze Amulet Goddess pencil, a shimmery mid-brown, and in my opinion, a true bronze color (other bronze pencils seem too warm/reddish or too dark). So excited I was with the color that I used it immediately after taking photos of it. Here’s what it looks like, a subdued yet complexly pigmented pencil that goes on like butter. It was a joy to use!


I particularly enjoyed the texture—while it’s very buttery, depositing the multi-colored micro-shimmers in such an even layer, it’s also very precise, i.e., it goes exactly where you want it to. And the very best part is that it sets. When it does, it wont budge for a few good hours.

Can you see the fine shimmer? It looks even better in person!


I was also too thrilled to get the original Goddess pencil, the Smokey Eye:


This pencil is truly creamy, thanks to a cocktail of natural waxes—beeswax, Candellia and Carnauba. It goes on really black and again, precise. Quite impressive for a kohl pencil I have to say, as most kohls end up in a sorry mess even while you’re applying them. Here, I applied it on the outer corners of my eyes, if only t to show you how manageable it is working with the pencil. Of course, it helps a lot if you sharpen it regularly but the Eye of Horus pencils hold well even when they lost their point.



May I add that I have discovered the longest lasting cat-eye combo in Eye of Horus Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil and Liquid Define Pen? When I wear these two (the latter on top of the former), the liner would stay put for 12 hours! Amazing! Those are my go-to for a long lasting eye liner flick.

Anyway, I heart Eye Of Horus. I didn’t mention how these products are made with natural ingredients, are paraben and cruelty free and overall, a brand with such great values and philosophy. If you wanna read up more on Eye Of Horus, read my previous posts here and here.

PR Samples. Opinions are entirely my own.


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