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On A Few Things I’ve Been Loving: Updates, Etc.

Hi guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve done an update kind of post, where I talk to you about the latest goings-on in my life, new discoveries, new routines. Well, there’s not too many, but the products for review have been piling up. But rather than beat myself up over it ( it takes a long time to compose a cohesive review, really)  I figured ill just give you a run down/preview of what’s to come! Sounds good? Right.

First, hello from me and Mochi!

photo (68)

Just the other day I attended Glamourbox’s Pixi launch (please stay tuned for my post on that!). I admit to being familiar with the brand but I never really felt compelled to go out of my way to try it. Well, it’s not like it has a stand in the mall so well, there. I’m lazy, I’m lazy except I like walking around the malls. I chalk it up as exercise, seriously. Anyway, the short of it is, I wasn’t prepared to fall for it so much, I LOVED everything at the presentation! Good news is that the Glamourbox team has been kind enough to give out a few of their best sellers so I can talk to you about them in better detail!


I also posted a photo of the new Revlon Colorburst lip balms–naturally I went for the Matte ones and I have bought one already. Mischievous is a pale coral..oh my I have  to tell you how obsessed I am with coral at the moment. It just hit me and now I just keep zeroing in coral lips and cheeks. I even bought another Revlon Super Lustrous Shine lipstick in, Lover’s Coral (hehehe). Not only that, I have placed a pre order for the new Hourglass Ambient blush in Dim Infusion. Not my proudest moment here, but I’m sure a lot of you can relate!


Other things to watch out for? There’s the Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick P/review, a review of some more items from Australian brand Eye of Horus (btw, their kohl pencil is the best I’ve tried so far!), reviews for my Bourjois bronzing base and powder, some Korean 3CE goodness and a re-review of the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation!

Changing gears a bit, I’ll share some things I’m loving aside from makeup! I haven’t been doing FOOD posts so much, but some stuff to share: I’ve been eating way too much chocolate chip cookie from Eric Kayser and since I don’t want to stop, I’m seriously contemplating on a workout routine to balance things out! Have you tried this world-famous patisserie (which had recently opened at the supermarket level of Rockwell)? YOU SHOULD!

photo (12)

I’ve also recently tried out what supposedly is “the best lasagna in town”, House of Lasagna in San Juan. It was good, the serving’s good for two I think, and I like that the pasta isn’t soggy, as you know how most lasagna turn out after baking.

photo 3

Just completed an interior design project at the Gramercy Residences—I don’t like talking too much about WORK, but yeah, it involves many decisions from wallpaper patterns to engineering plans and contractors. I like my job, but it’s mostly the nitty-gritty you have to deal with and can be largely stressful. 😐

photo 2

So I watch MOVIES! The Oscars is happening soon–have you seen the contenders yet? I’ve seen  Blue Jasmine (my favorite-who doesn’t like Woody Allen?!), Wolf of Wall Street, Rush and Her. Pretty good flicks, I have to say..I’m still waiting for American Hustle to be shown. Excited to see gowns and makeup and stuff, too. I should be doing an awards-season-inspired-FMP—suggestions?

I’m also making the most out of the post-holiday sales! SHOPPING has been fun this time, and to be honest, I almost never shop clothes when not on sale.Takes the guilt off a bit, don’t you think? I bought the black TOPSHOP dress for 50% off, I was really torn but I ‘m really much comfortable with black-everything. I got a few items from Zara, Mango and Forever21, too. Yay for sales!

photo 1

Also happening this month is Art Fair Philippines! My husband will have some pieces on show at the Silverlens Gallery. Hope to see you there!

Lastly, if you’re a blogger too, I want to share this inspiring post from Dovey of Cute and Mundane. This resonated with me as I feel that now more than ever, keeping a blog requires a little bit more effort and time. I’m trying my best as I really enjoy talking about and sharing my love for makeup/beauty. That said, I admire bloggers who continually and consistently produce personal and sincere entries. Comments/questions/suggestions are also nice ways to boost my blogging morale–makes me feel like I’m not talking to myself! So thank you too for dropping by and leaving me a line or two! Much appreciated! Have a lovely Sunday, everyone! ❤


9 thoughts on “On A Few Things I’ve Been Loving: Updates, Etc.

  1. Orange lips were apparently a trend mid-2013 but I’ve just bought my first one. I love orange lips and cheeks! Great to see what you’ve been up to, I’m on my toes for the upcoming posts 🙂

    • Yes, it was, maybe because of Pantone’s Tangerine Tango year! Orange is just a fresher alternative to pink, I think! Thank you for your comments, Tellie bellie! 🙂

  2. I love your design aesthetic! I like how the lay out look so clean. And yes, coral all the way. I’m also guilty of hoarding all things coral (well, pretty things in general). Heehee. :3

  3. Ang dami kong gusto i-comment sa post mong ‘to. Hahaha 😀

    1. Can you blog about mochi? 🙂
    2. Omg you are getting an Hourglass ambient lighting blush!! I have been lemming for the highlighters so bad. I just can’t bring myself to plonk down the cash for one. I may cave in, someday. Hahaha
    3. I wonder if that House of Lasagna in San Juan is the same House of Lasagna in Eton Centris, QC? I’m at the QC one every so often to meet up with church friends. Most of their lasagnas are for 2-3 people too and are around the Php200-300 range. It’s good, but you end up smelling like food after 😛

    • Haha hi Kari! ☺️
      1. Sure I’ll make a dedicated post about Mochi! I’d love that, actually!
      2. I missed out on the hourglass ambient trio so I thought I’m totally getting this! Nicolettemakeup on IG sells it for 1900+ I’ll let you know agad if it’s worth it!
      3. I think so, is it the one with “window” logo too? Yeah the lasagna was 250 and haha we totally smelled like food too!

      Thanks for your long comment Kari! Always fun to talk to you!😊

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