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Hearts/Farts: Snoe Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake

In my opinion, one of the greatest practices to have caught on with normal/regular/consumer/non-pro gals like you and me is contouring. Though long been done in shoots by makeup artists, it was only until a few years ago that contouring has made it mainstream.

So fast forward today, we have products, a local one at that, specifically for contouring. Not for bronzing, not for blush, but for the simple purpose of sculpting one’s mug:



Snoe Cosmetics Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake in Walnut, Php 799


Want to have great bone structure? Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake lets you create them instantly, easily and over time—permanently! This powder is specially tinted and formulated to enhance natural bone structure, sculpt contours into the face and correct your face shape so you can look like you were born with great cheekbones or the perfect nose, anytime! DSC_0183

The Slim Shade Me comes in a tiny, palm-size compact with mirror and puff. It comes in two shades: I got the shade Walnut, for warm skin tone, and there’s Almond for cool. The color is too warm to my liking but I don’t scare easily with powders—I’m sure I have a brush to deal with that. That said, I rarely use the applicators products come with, specially with contouring, a puff seemed like the wrong tool for that business. So using a small, not too dense brush, I applied this on my usual contour routes. Since the powder isn’t so pressed down, using a brush creates considerable fallout, and even more when you tap it, but this is just as well since this product is way pigmented. So tap, tap you go, apply lightly and strategically. (I have a contour and highlight how-to here.)


Here I applied Slim Shade Me on the hollows of my cheek straight up to the hairline and temple. I also applied a bit on my jawline extending to the base of my ear. Like I said tapping and blending are your pals with contouring, and you really don’t need a lot to draw out the cheekbones. I did not use a highlighter or blush in these photos, so you can see how the product looks on its own..pretty decent I should say. I rarely if not at all contour my nose line so I’m not showing it here as well. Though there are small flecks of shimmer in the pan, the finish is matte, with a slight rosy undertone and lasts a good few hours.


This small pot promises big! Prolonged use may permanently slim down your face care of the combination of Magnolia Bark Hot Water Extract (Slimlite) which inhibits lipid accumulation and adipocyte (fat cells) differentiation, blocks triglyceride (fat tissue) synthesis and Coffee which firms and tightens skin. This also contains Amazonian clay which minimizes oil, Vitamins C, E and Niacinamide, known antioxidants and Ferulic acid, an antioxidant extender. All of which I cant confirm to you, at least not yet as I haven’t been using this long enough to know. But for me, the illusion that it gives me a sculpted, schmexy face is enough. (I know for sure what will make me less pudgy, and that is less cookie.) Besides, that’s why we like makeup, yes?DSC_2178

So, anyway, I heart Slim Shade Me. Aside from my preference for cheeky product names, this gives good definition to the face, comes in a easy to tote package and is local, kinda organic and Filipino made! What’s not to like?! I also like that it comes in warm and cool shades–a very important consideration with contouring–and that it tries to be innovative and pushes the standard a bit more. So, if you’re looking for a contouring powder with added benefits, check out Snoe Beauty!

I tell you, once you contour, and contour well,  there’s no turning back so better pick the right product to do it with!


This is a PR Sample.


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