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On Bangkok: Belated But Beloved

This is a late post—what a way to start my blogging year right, getting rid of backlogs—but I figured I might as well share with you photos from my Bangkok trip last year for my wedding anniversary.

We went during the todos los santos break, about the first week of November. I consider Bangkok as my second home, I’ve been there so many times,  stayed for extended periods (months at a time). We have a lot of friends there, and the Thais are among the best people to be friends with, really.

We stayed at old-residential area Ekkamai, far from the touristy madness of Siam. It was a staying-in kind of vacation, we just missed living in this city, so we intended to take it slow without any plans whatsoever.


Only to eat! I have to warn you, this is a LONG FOOD PORNST! Thailand had got to be THE BEST place to eat in any-freakin-where. Food is fresh, varied and cheap—it’s simply impossible to have a bad meal when you’re there! They do everything just right. Of course it helps we have friends there, so we know which touristy places to avoid, I mean, you might find yourself paying extra for the hype.


To start off, fresh local orange juice on the streets, for 10 baht. That’s one of my favorites there, since it’s so cheap! Bangkok also has delicious fruit snacks in carts available almost everywhere you walk by—sliced mangoes, melons, watermelons, pineapples, guava..all cut up and ready to eat (complete with sticks and spicy salt!).


Another must for us is this sliced pork and wanton dry noodle (bami heng mu deng). This is available in most street side food shops but we go to one place off of Sukhumvit Road—our Thai friend has been going there for twenty years! I sadly wasn’t able to eat mango sticky rice on that trip as the lady we buy from had run out that night.


Of course, some Thai staples, Thai iced tea (yum), more noodles, chicken and cashew stir fry and not in picture, Thai fried rice (khao pat).


Nearby our place is an early morning food market—how’s pork satay sticks and sticky rice for breakfast eh? I never ate so many sticks of pork in my life! (There’s chicken and innards too, you know).


Up next, our friends drove us to the outskirts of the city for a seafood dinner. It’s almost the same fare we have here save for one HUGE game changer: the spicy seafood sauce, a mix of ground green chili, lime, cilantro and whathaveyou. This is HOT but LOVE.


Grilled river good with the sauce!





On another night, we went to Bangkok’s Chinatown. This street is bustling and filled with street food stalls of every kind.


But is most known for this: sharksfin soup. Well, maybe a touchy food subject, I had a taste, but I ate more of the noodle and fried rice and morning glory anyway..


..all washed down with glorious, golden Chrysanthemum juice.


This is also a popular spot there, fried bread with sweet toppings (chocolate, condensed milk, etc).


Okay, another must-stop for us is this Japanese Ramen joint, still in Sukhumvit called Bankara. I don’t usually order ramen because I cant finish it by myself, but in Bankara, I have to order the Tonkotsu Ramen. Bangkok actually has a number of Japanese expats and they go here for ramen. I haven’t been to Japan but they say this is pretty authentic. Just look at that milky broth!


An artist friend calls this Santa Claus pork…he says eating it feels like Christmas, hehe. 🙂


And to wrap up this food portion is dessert—Bangkok has a lot of pastry and coffee shops, they have a sweeter tooth (and bigger coffee head) than us, I dare say. Almost anywhere you can find a small sweets shop serving great (espresso) coffee. This is also near where were staying in Ekkamai, it’s a boutique with a coffee shop called Un Fashion. Ahh..looking at these photos make me want to BOOK A TRIP AGAIN!




The other thing great about this beloved city is getting massages. There’s only one place to go if you’re not too familiar with the joints (and to avoid the risk of getting a, erm, frisky sort of service): HEALTHLAND. It’s efficient, professional, clean, and not too expensive.




Of course, Bangkok is a shopping mecca, but it wasn’t my intention to shop this time so I had only but a few purchases. I did visit this HUGE Japanese store at the Gateway Mall in Sukhumvit:


They have an extensive stock of Japanese cosmetics (almost everything we know, and then some). I don’t know why I did not get anything from there, but I recall they were kind of expensive (compared to SG and HK prices). I’m so proud of myself for not giving in!



But I did get a few (mostly on sale) items from Boots and Watsons. I wanted to check out the Soap and Glory products at Boots but they’re not being ‘actively’ stocked there (most items I saw looked like leftovers). I’ll post a group pic of those items soon! (Because I haven’t taken a photo yet, sorry!) As you know, I got the Maybelline Fashion Brow Mascara, Revlon lipstick, a Revlon mascara, another brow mascara, some Lip Ice. Not too many.

Lastly, a few photos of me and my selfie-allergic husband who makes all trips twice the fun than they are. I hope you enjoyed this belated Bangkok travel post! If you want to read more about my previous trips there, type Bangkok on the search bar! 🙂


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