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On Beautyandsparkle’s Sparkle Session: Nail Art!

Early December last year, I have been invited by the glam Nicole of Beautyandsparkle to her first ever Sparkle Session. Now, Beautyandsparkle, an online beauty site, is Nicole Romero’s venture to the digital world, having worked in print for 9 years as a beauty editor for several top magazines in the Philippines like Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, OK!,and Candy. If you remember, I met Nicole here–we were teammates on a game of Jeopardy!

The event was held at I DO Nails, Eastwood Mall. I arrived with the party in full swing—everyone was excitedly puttering way with polishes and some fancy looking tools! I silently took a seat in a corner, eager to catch on. each of us were given a cute, clear pouch filled with mini OPI polishes, a dotting tool, some pins, sponge (?), slim tape (??) and some nail jewels. They have just started doing the techniques, and I’m very challenged already! Armed with my nail kit, I put on my game hat.


With Nicole is Macy Alcaraz, the managing editor of and the creative editor behind Polished! A Nail Art Book. There was plenty of talk about nails: tips, trends and techniques—but that was not all! There was a lively chitchat about a lot topics too, and while we don’t know each other too well, chatting was made easier by the common task at hand, which was well, our hands!


Macy was so ace with nails! The nail art designs she taught us were easy and fun..I specially liked the dotting tool, so efficient (where has it been all my nail-polish-loving-life?!)! So I started with that, here:IMG_6906

Next, the ombre effect using a piece of sponge dipped in water. That technique, I dig as well. Apart from being easy, it was kinda therapeutic dabbing the sponge to the nails without pressure to do a perfect job. We have the nail polish remover for that! And oh, we used OPI Nail Polishes, and though there were dozens of colors on the table, I zeroed in on two colors nearest to me (I know, so lazy):



Tadah, my finished hand showing the dotting and sponging techniques! Everyone kept on going, it was that addictive and fun!


Oh hey it wasn’t all about nails, there was a yummy-slash-healthy spread too  courtesy of BabyCakes by Jo Cabuay and the Juice Barista.


Check out my matchy-matchy nails and beet juice!


Cupcakes and nail art mix!


TEAM B repre-zent! Nicole, Tina and (jeje) me! I had such a great time—like I came from a pajama party! Thank you Nicole for having me, it was great day for my nails, I learned a lot and I met some new beauty folks! Lots of luck on your next Sparkle Sessions!


If you want to be part of Nicole’s next Sparkle Session, follow/subscribe to her blog,, her Facebook page and Instagram.


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